Saturday, October 20, 2007

My first entry… my-so-called maybe’s

We always have a reason why do we try new stuff. Maybe, we got inspired by someone; Maybe we are recently experiencing a personal turmoil (just to escape from it); Maybe just simply for fun.

I have to say, I’m going through my rough times and this is the only escape I know how to let things out. I know, I could be in a bar, having a drinking spree, but cigar suffocates the hell out me. Or I can be in a beach right now, enjoying the sea and the scenery, but I don’t have the cash and time to do that.

So since I have the basic knowledge in internet and research, I finally decided to make a blog. (I know, same lame excuse for a person with a minimal social life). I was thinking of a good topic for my first entry, but I realize this one must be an introduction about me.

So what can I offer to my blog readers? Well I can’t promise that I’ll be as exciting and fun as the other blogs but I’ll do my best to keep you entertained.

Let me give you 8 random things about me.

8. I don’t smoke
7. I’m a medical student (2nd year)
6. I’m a supporter of anti-piracy. (My friends can prove you this one)
5. I love peanut butter (oreo+peanut butter and reese)
4. I’m spontaneous.
3. I have 3 labradors. (Albus, Ariana and Aberforth)
2. I’m a Potter geek! (also Sidney Sheldon’s novels)
1. I don’t have a GF… =(

So, since you know a little something about me, well I will post some medical issues or diseases (yeah, boring!) common to my age group. Share my love for canines. Have a CD and movie reviews. Maybe some pictures of people and a tribute to them, especially my friends. Potter trivia. And I can give you advices… if you will share.

For now, I can offer you this. So I’ll keep you posted soon!


footiam said...

I am sorry to hear that you are going through a rough time. Blogging may a therapy, a respite from reality. Hope you'll get out of this bad patch and if it has to do with your present studies, well, studying is not easy especially if you are studying to be a doctor. If its family problems, well, sometimes you are not in the position to solve it. So, take a step at a time and do what you ought to do. The sun will shine one day or another and yes, do visit my blog and cheer up!

my-so-called-Quest said...

footiam, hey, tnx for that. i really apreciated that someone checkd my blog and gave me a wonderful advice. i'm searching for myself as of now. i mean i really need to gain my focus back. its like i sh*t on my studies especially my exams. i'm hoping that i'll wake up soon and make a change on my habits. thanks again and Godbless.

Dex said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!

john said...
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john said...

good luck with your studies... rough times will come but remember that God will not put you in a situation which you can't handle.. life is beautiful, enjoy.. :-)

Ely said...

Hi! thanks for visiting my site. Welcome to the blogosphere!

my-so-called-Quest said...

dex and elly - tnx for visiting my blog. u have neat blogs as well and i'll visit them often.

john - i think i know you! do i know you? but ur anonymous... hehe.

dean said...

hi! you're a med person, how cool is that! hope to read more of your posts. xlinks?

tiggahtigz said...

I'm glad to hear that you enjoy reading my blog. I am also glad to hear that you've been inspired to create your own. Kudos! :) I look forward seeing and reading your stream of consciousness.

Anonymous said...

Blogging is better way of releasing stress and ranting about life. Welcome to our World.

Anonymous said...

like everyone else who commented, welcome to the blogging world! i think i'll be linking you in mine and may this network of blogging help us become better persons to nature and fellow men! ;)


RJ said...

So this is it. Okay. Sa tingin ko babalik-balikan ko itong blog mo. I'm interested with the wonders of Medicine, as well!

Pakiramdam ko, palagi akong may sakit. Pag uminom ako ng coffee, nahihilo ako, sumasakit ang tenga ko. (Nagka-history na kasi ako ng otitis media kasi inipon ako ng 15days when I was still in college. Then sa sobang kasisinga, sumakit bigla ang tenga ko, napakasakit talaga! 9.5 out of 10 ang sakit nya! Then tumulo ang clear fluid mula sa tenga ko, sabi ng ENT nag rupture daw ang ear drum ko.) Sign ba ito na sinusumpong ako ng vertigo ko? Naubos na ang dala kong Stugeron galing Pilipinas. =,( Last week lang naubos. Mahal pa naman ang consultation dito.

Parang ayos itong blog mo kasi sabi mo nga you'll gonna present health issues concerning your age group. Siguro naman kasali pa ako dyan, kahit alam kong napakabata mo pa.

I shall return, bro!

ced said...

@RJ - ayun una, salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko=] daan daan din ako sa blog mo at makikibasa=p

sumasakit pa rin ba yung tenga mo upto now? kasi sensitive ang tymapnic membrane natin or eardrum at ung mainfect to ang pnakainiiwasan natin.

sa pagkakkalam ko ang vertigo naman kasi ay more on sa cranial nerve natin un ung vestibulocochlear nerve. ang cochlear ang responsable sa hearing natin at ang vestibule naman ang responsable sa balance.

ang vertigo ay kadalasan ay sa effect ng ating vestibule. sa pagkakaalam ko ha ang vertigo ay kadalasan sakit ng matatanda at tamang pahinga at neck exercise ang pwedeng lunas dito. pwede rin ang gamot pero dba kung pwede kang makatipid.

hayaan mo magbabasa basa pa ko kung pwedeng may connection ang dalawang sakit na nakwento mo sa akin=] ingats palagi!

RJ said...

Wow, galing sa Neurology ah, niri-review mo ako sa cranial nerves na yan. (Kung hindi ako nagkakamali, VIII cranial nerve ang vestibulocochlear. Matagal na kasing panahong inaral ko ang mga ito.)

Yun nga ang itinuro sa akin ng ENT kong nasa Bocaue, Bulacan, ang galing nya. Pinapa head and neck exercise nya ako, pero mas magaling talaga ang effect ng Stugeron. Napakabilis.

Salamat sa pagsagot sa mga tanong ko, Doc. Free consultation ah. o",)