Friday, October 26, 2007

The Unrest...

After my exam yesterday, my friends and I decided to dine and watch a flick in Trinoma (yes, after 4 months, I finally watched a flick again). Each of us ordered a slice of pizza (my choice as always is Chicago’s) and all time favorite baked ziti with white sauce in Sbarro then watched the flick and after that sang till our throats got dehydrated at Red Box. Have to say, I miss the company of this 2 friends of mine. I literally laughed my heart out in every jokes and every funny things we do. We used to be classmates when we were first years but the effin’ people in the registrar decided to reshuffle the batch. Luckily my buddy from first year is still my classmate, but most of my friends were reshuffled. Okay, I’m being dramatic now. So before this ends to a dramatic post, I’ll review the flick first.

The Unrest

Alison Blanchard, a freshy in medical school, starts taking her Gross Anatomy class where she must confront rows of cadavers--and her own fear of mortality. When the sheets are drawn back to reveal her designated cadaver, Alison senses a strange presence in the lab. Her jaded professor chalks it up to first year "jitters," but her worries increase when a friend is mysteriously found dead in the basement. Alison must find out the story linked to the truth of how her cadaver got there, before its angered spirit can wreak further vengeance on those who dared to disturb the body.
-Synopsis from yahoo

Directed by: Jason Todd Ipson

Starring: Corri English, Scot Davis, Joshua Alba, Marisa Petroro, Derrick O'Connor

So for my review:
I will just post my observation just in case you want to watch this as well
-We were just in for a horror flick, in the light of the coming holidays. Hehe! But we didn’t mean to watch this because we were in medical school, besides, cadavers were so last year. LOL.

-The protagonist – Alison – lives in the hospital. (Her dormitory is in the hospital) based from the story, she’s a wait listed freshy and has some financial troubles. She entered med school to live up her dreams! (I think I heard this one before… from me, I guess. hehe)

-Alison fainted when she saw, for the first time, her cadaver. E ikaw kaya, ang cadaver mo may self-induced lacerations/cuts sa mukha at sa katawan and later known as psychotic cadaver who killed herself, which is a lady and was a doctor btw. Nice!

-The Gross Anatomy Laboratory is in the hospital and there are few people in it. As in FEW. Nasan na ung mga pasyente, nurse, doctor??? Sabagay, mas maluwag = mas maraming pwedeng takbuhan ang mga bida. Hehe!

-Common in horror flicks. SEX SCENE after that may lalabas na patay o ung pumapatay. Nga pla, di lahat ng nasa med Horny! Haha

-The protagonist and her boyfriend has to burry or burn the wicked cadaver so the curse will stop. They found the cadaver in a tank were other cadavers were soaking in formalin. The tank is like a 5 door refrigerator which can carry a 6-10 cadavers. Di kinaya ng parang hook ung cadaver, so they decided to jump and soak in the tank! WITH FORMALIN! Kamusta naman un!?!

-The cadaver was the cause of deaths. Its because, she went to Brazil and entered a cave which was used by an ancient tribe where they disposed their dissected human offerings. As I said before, the cadaver was a doctor but suffered multiple personality disorder and then killed herself.

For my reaction
-As always, natuwa ako, di ako natakot! Okay lang libre naman kasi! Hehe

-One of my friend was covering her eyes, when the sex scene came, sabi ko “pati ba naman jan?” haha

-I reminisced my internship days at Veterans Hospital at Mindanao Ave. I was off from the laboratory at around 1-2am to extract a blood from a patient (she’s in a monitory for blood extraction for every 4 hours). All of the hallways in veterans is 25 meters long from the main lobby to every ward and has windows at both sides. That night, there were no lights in the hallway, the only light you can see is from the ward which is on the other end. I need to pass this lobby to get the specimen. Kinda creepy. Pero wala naman ko naramdaman, pero yoko tumingin sa may bintana. Hehe.

-Formalin is toxic and used to preserve body parts, pls don’t try what they did!

-In the movie, even you're a freshy, they will call you Doctor... sana dito din! hehe

-I like watching movies at trinoma.

-When we’re getting out, most people were staring at us. Di kami maingay ha. Bat pa kasi kami nakauniform!?! hehe

- i realized, i think the title of the movie fits the students - UNREST-ful! hehe


Anonymous said...

so ur near trinoma (ur dorm or school?) Trinoma is also the nearest mall to go from where i work. I watched harry potter & transformer der (oh, tagal na nun ah, hehehe)

RJ said...

TRINOMA. Gustong-gusto ko nang makita itong mall na ito. Nung umalis kasi ako last January 2007, ginagawa pa lang ito.

Maganda ba ang mall at ang MOVIEng pinanood nyo, Doc?

ced said...

@rj - madalas kami ng mga friends ko sa trinoma. pero madami ng tao ngayon kasi konektado sya sa MRT so madalas ung bumababa ng north avenue station ay dumadaan dun.

maganda ang sinehan yan ang nagustuhan ko sa trinoma. trademark ata ng ayala ang maganda at malinis na sinehan. hehe

ung sine? nako, di sya kagandahan=] hehe