Sunday, December 2, 2007

Three's a Party

Last 25th three friends decided to have a small get together. Most of my High school friends are working or studying in abroad now. Me and my high school friends are the type that doesn’t really require that we MUST see each other so often. We are the type that goes out without obliging each other. Three of us are left here, EA who’s working in a credit card firm, he’s usually sent to HK 2weeks every month. KL is a soon to be successful singer/actress and appeared on some TV shows now. I’m both proud of them. I received an sms from EA and told me if I was available on that day, I told him it’s my mom’s bday but I think I can go out for 3-4 hours max. It sounded so important since EA sms me if “are we really close?” “Rate it to 1-10”, “how can u say we’re close, we don’t see each other often”. To be honest I was a bit irritated. I told him that for me friendship is not measured or rate by 1-10 nor important of how often you see each other but simply remembering them everyday, every minute is enough.

We went to KL’s house and we decided to have a drink at 1:30 pm. Hehehe. (We don’t really mind how early or late as long as we drink) hehehe. It’s been long since we catch up really. They had a mix of rum and lime, while I had 5 light beers. Few laughs and 3 light beers after, we got serious and started pouring what’s bothering us. KL has a gym rat/model bf and was a bit worried that she feels she’s tied up in the neck. Her bf is 6 years senior to her and the guy is quite a bit officious to her. She loves him and the other way around but he’s the first bf of my friend and she thinks he’s the one. Now, she’s a bit worried that she never experienced being with someone else. She secretly had an MU with a guy she work on a set of her TV show. Secretly experiencing how it really feels. But experiencing it with a guy who also has a gf. She’s a devout Catholic and her parents instilled to her mind how sacred SEX is , so she gave a big NO to her bf in that area. We told her that her bf has to respect her decisions and never force her. Also, we told her that she has to cut her relationship to the 2nd guy.

After her revelation, I told them what was bothering me. I told them that I failed some subject and have to take med school 1 semester late. I told them that I am ashamed to my parents, my siblings and to them. That it all started when I was hospitalized last September due to depression. I told them how sorry I was for not telling them and told them I’m ok now.

Two more light beers and EA has to guzzle a jigger of rum/lime mix to open up. EA is the funny guy in our group. Always making fun of us and himself. He’s a jokester but never really opened up his lovelife. We don’t require a friend to open up. If he/she feels to open, that’s the only time we know. He had a gf in high school that ended not so well. That’s was the last I heard. He was a bit red this time and opened he’s in a relationship. He’s with someone from a chatroom, he went to the place, have some drink and “did the deed”. He said he’s happy and been taking care of. I immediately remembered last time that I talked to EA and told me he was in a relationship and I was telling him not to tell a joke. But I never really though he’s with a HIM as well. He showed “his” picture on his cp. And I look to EA and can see, he’s really happy. It came to me and told him of how brave of him to tell us. He told us that he is hesitant to open up and if we had an idea ever since. I told him I was not aware of it, and told him that what’s important is he told us and that he will not get hurt by his other half, or else! Hehe. Ea went out to pee and KL told me immediately, she had a hunch way before and is happy for EA. I told her, I’m really happy for EA as well.

You see, friendship is not merely measured of how long you know each other but the trust that was built on that span. A trust that was given without any questions asked. A trust that doesn’t oblige each other. A trust that is not measured by a scale of 1-10. I love my friends, you all know this by now. I’m not a showy person but I show it just by sincerely listening to them. Because for me, what they share is more important on what I have to share. I respect them on their decisions and if they ask, I can give an advice.

EA and KL, I love you both=)


Carl said...

sana nga d na natatapos ang mga ganyang moment, minsan... hay.

arjay said...

nice . . .

FerBert said...

mabaet ka palang kaibigan utol

Aleli said...

hay..nakakmiss ang mga ganyan na oras.. naalala ko tuloy ung bestfrnd ko, kung di ko pa tinawagan ng 26 kasi 21st bday nya,di ko pa malalaman na 2months pregnant..hay..

towr said...

EA, ahem ahem... ok lang yan.
KL, nice... rising star!
MSC-Q, God bless, mabait na kaibigan.

Good luck sa careers! Kaya natin 'to