Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Here it comes again… Valentines…. Hay…

For sure everything related to this celebration will be expensive… flowers… chocolates… bear…
Even the rate of rooms for rent that night will be a bit expensive. Lol

To be honest it’s the only celebration that I do not celebrate… maybe my past GFs prefers to differ. Hehe. I just gave them a rose or a card or a note… nothing more… (Maybe that’s why it didn’t last). Or maybe I’m so bitter in my mishaps on relationship that I do not believe in Valentines anymore.

But this year… I’m planning to surprise someone.

You see, Cath and I are neighbors here in the dormitory. In fact, my room is in front of hers. We are great friends and we hang-out together when we review. We usually stroll and go to Starbucks around 11pm, buy our coffee jelly before we resume to our review. We talk about so many things and we really connected. She laughs at my jokes, she saw me on my lowest, she took care of me when I was sick, she listens when I talk and been really supportive of me. She’s very sweet and funny as well. Athletic and very open minded. She never had a boyfriend. My parents know a lot about her and I’m guessing so is hers. I also usually cook for her, last Sunday I prepare pancakes, bacon and egg. We ate breakfast at around 7:30am and it lasted up to 10:30. I just really really enjoy her company.

Yesterday after exams, she was in an eatery with some close friends and saw me passing by with a girl who happens to be our neighbor too. I saw her and she turned red but smiling. She SMS me and asked me where was I going. I told her I went out with some of my “tropa” and dine out (which is true! Promise!). She told me, she thought I was going out with the girl she saw with me earlier.

So now, I was planning o surprise Cath for tomorrow.

1.On Thursday morning, I will post a 1 long stem white rose on her door
2.On lunch time, I will ask a common friend to give a note
3.That same night, I will cook dinner for her and we will eat in the rooftop of our dorm

I know it’s cheesy but it’s sincere. And if being cheesy is what I need to do to take me to the next level. I will do that for her.

Happy Valentines to you all! =]

I hope next year will be a really really HAPPY one for me.


Anonymous said...

wow kido doc, nakaka thrill naman yang plans mo! i hope no one squeels ur plans, hehehe.

Gud luck & happy valentines sa inyong dalawa ni Cath! i'm happy for u kid! :)

FerBert said...

CHEESY!!! hahaha

makaimbento nga ng pagkain.. cheesy ampalaya..

pasikret sikret ka pa nakalagay lang pala dito sa blog mo yung plano mo... LOL

Coldman said...

wow! ikaw ba si Don Romantiko? Hahaha!

Hope everything will go well. =)

Carl said...

hahaha! kakaibang trip ito ah.

well, hindi naman bago, may tendency talaga maging cheesy ang doctors. lols.

hmmm... how will it turn out kaya?


ok... i was reading ur plan... but are u going to propose to her on that day? di ko kc nakita sa plan mo.

arjay said...

wow! parang eksena sa pelikula ito, haha. gud lak sa plans.

dean said...

shet kinikilig ako!!

dak said...


That was cheesy... and honest... owell, celebrating valentine's shouldn't really be expensive. but the point is, romantiko ka ata e... bat prang may doubt ka pa?! hehehe...

just be yourself! everything will be okay...

ipagpatuloy mo yan! spread the love!

dak said...

btw, happy red day!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

i hate v-day.

haha. i'm sure *my bitterness is quite palpable.

but i'm nonetheless happy for you, and for your potential plus one.

it'll indeed be a happy valentines, after all. :-)

Dakilang Tambay said...

natuloy ba naman yang plano mo kahapon? hihi