Sunday, February 24, 2008

Case of a Past Love

All of us had our high school love. You know the one that makes you go to school then, the one that you wished you danced with on your prom, the one that caused constellations of acne on your face. The one you thought you will end up with… I had that special someone as well. I really loved her, in fact for a very long time.

We had a very not so good history and that’s between the two of us. This post is not to hate her but I want to thank her. Last Saturday I went to a friend’s (Ms. A) despedida party. I knew she’s gonna be there. But since a very good friend came back here in the Philippines (Ms. J) and we haven’t seen each other for so long, I have to be there. I had realizations that, I have to grow and face what I have to face.

I met Ms. J at McDonald’s; I had my sprite float and waited for 15 minutes or so. We then go on to Ms. A’s party at her house; as usual the food was great and Ms. A’s parents were still the same, accommodating and caring of us. 30 minutes after SHE’s there. My past… she’s still the same, pretty.

It was a bit uncomfortable at first. We just smiled then we laughed and then took some pictures. We became at ease, talked about what happened for the last 5 months, asked how she’d been. She showed her man’s picture. To be honest I missed that, our normal conversations. We talked about our families, what keeps us busy and what plans we have.

5 months ago I was crying and asked why I made a fool of myself AGAIN. Why did I STILL expect something that I shouldn’t? Why did I still love her… questions answered a month after that, I saw a picture of her and her man. They looked so happy together. I know she’s happy and got what she wants. She’ll never be happy with me and I realized that I have to move on… badly!

As of now you all know. I did. =]

We went home together (because we live on the same town). I sat next to her and on our way, she asked if I have someone. I told her I was going out with Cath. I smiled and I know I blushed.

Now I can really say… Case closed…

This post is for my friend Ms. J! Joyce, I really really miss you and I’m glad we’ve seen each other again. You see Joyce is my twin in high school. hehe! She just knows so much about me and she’s really a family. She recently read one of my post and commented as “Muning”. I want to thank her for everything. 11 years of friendship and still counting. Joyce made me realize one important thing that night. Not all of us had a great highschool and I have to put aside all the ugly things that happened and be thankful of what remains… great friends like her. I’m happy Joyce found that someone else as well. To Joyce and Puccini, cheers! Love you both!=]


muning said...

cedeux! whatever!

u just made me cry! didn't expect i will make you realize something last night..aside from the fact that hospital time is different from ana's house time.helo?seriously speaking..high school is high school.people who would always look back in the past with regrets will never grow up.i know you know that we'll get rid of those useless people in high school.the couple Mr. K and Ms. M is a perfect example.they were there last night but they were the usual who never initiate efforts to break the barriers between us.we are all aware of the's about time to change. As i told earl last week, hypocrites will die..that was a joke!haha!

I am so proud of you..your high school past is a very great person as me(wahaha), she will never think of anything that will hurt your friendship. the dinner last night was a perfect timing for the two of you to get along again. the tension was there i can feel it because i'm always in between you two!waaah!

hey 11years of friendship and still counting? well, can we have forever?hahaha..we just talked about being inexpressive..guess its about time to change.that Mr. P guy is changing me to be sweeter..eeew! u gotta have one too! hi cath! i'm so excited to see you! how's the bacon and pancakes for breakfast? (close kme?) next time cedeux will prepare for you the hamonado they always have at home every fiesta!hahaha! miss that! see u soon! thanks for the post! mwah!hugs!

Noime said...

aww. ang sweet mo kuya. hehe.

Dakilang Tambay said...

napakasweet.. hahaha.. apir tau..

beh, mamimiesta ako jan sa inyo, cguro naman hindi mo na ako papa chase mia,bite mia sa mga doggies mo.. haha.. :)

pagluto mo din ako. di kita bibigyan ng sopas

kai said...

past would really help you grow especially highschool memories, ive been thru a hella lot during HS, i thought it was the end but duhhh.. highschool is highschool nga talaga! haha :-)

dehins trillo said...

nakakakilig... grabe kuya cedie. :)

FerBert said...

natapos ko rin basahin.. napakaiksi lang ng entry mo pero tinulugan ko pa rin kagabi, siguro nag ipon muna ako ng lakas kase baka masampal ako ng entry na to at sabihing magmove on ka na gago..

so yeah! wateber.. lol

pasensya na ala ako sa sarili nitong nakaraang araw, kinulong ko muna kase si Ferbert si Michael yung kausap mo nung mga panahong yun.. Ingat kuya! :D


napaka emo mo talaga... LOL... anw, good na kahit ex mo kinakaibigan mo pa rin.

chase / chubz said...

i didn;t have highschool love.. huhuhu.. the irony is that i like boys and i went to a exclusive school for boys. ehehhehe..

OT: as for your pic? hmmm.. semi-nude ba? eheheh.. requirement kc dapat half naked. ehheeh

Coldman said...

ewan ko ba pero napaka awkward talaga ng feeling pag nagkikita kayo ng mga ex mo. (parang ang dami!) hahaha!

cedeux said...

@muning - i'm really sorry. i
wasn't able to call you. i know you're back there in Jeddah. Hay mamimiss na naman kita.

ingats ka plagi=]

@noime - sweetness tlaga=]

@MK - dapat mamiesta kna. nagun pa
lng pinapareserve kita. hehehe

cedeux said...

@kai - salamat sa pagdaan=]
you're right. highskul is highskul
and it will remain as it is=]
hanggang dun n lng un.

@dehins (igno) trillo - kinikilig
ka ba? sige nga patingin? ahhaha

@ferbert - sensya nung isang araw
mejo may topak din ako. move on!
tapos na un... masaya na sya,
ipagdasal na lng natin sya=]

cedeux said...

@kuya kris - yeah, i'm so emo! hehe
mana ko sayo e=]

@chase - aww... you didn't had?
i'll send my hot pics sau ha. heheh

@kuyacoldman - oo na, marami kna
naging ex. ganyan talaga kayong
mga chickboy e. parang ako! hehe


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