Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Can't Say No!

When is the right time you need to be selfish? Our parents taught us not to be one or at least share what you have especially if it’s in excess. One time when I was still studying in San Juan de dios an old lady was wandering outside the premises along Roxas Boulevard near school. She’s aptly dressed, not the grubby ones. She was seated in the huge plant box dividing the parking lot and the street and was staring blankly to nothingness. From her physical appearance I know she’s on a right state. I saw her again the following day and after that I told myself “tomorrow morning I will prepare a sandwich for her.” The following morning I was nervous of what will her reaction be but sadly she wasn’t there.

I enjoy writing research paper. I may not be the best one but I make sure at least I will do my part. 2 of my friends told me lately that I need to be careless sometimes. Why? Some of our subjects require a research paper or maybe a group paper for a project and I ended finishing most of them except if someone else in the group is willing to do that aside from me. Sometimes it’s disappointing that you’ll end up doing someone else’s part. And most of the time, I am the one who suffers taking removal exam or even repeated that same subject. What’s more terrible is when people specially your group mates will just notice you when you’re already down.

As I assessed myself, there are certain reasons why I want to be the sufferer for a cause and first, I just don’t want to be called irresponsible. Secondly, I hated the situation when pinpointing each other became the solution especially when things didn’t work out. And lastly, it’s much more organized if two to three people will do the job. Let’s face it, not everyone is as keen as you or as interested to do things. (One time, you asked for an RRL and they’ll give you a copy pasted website! Naman!!!)

I don’t want to yell out and take credit to everything that I did. At the end, we will all get the same grades and it will still become a GROUP effort. And this post doesn’t mean that I’m complaining that I’ve been robbed or something. Doing that is my way of contributing what I wanted to do and seriously, I enjoyed it, it’s just that the “project thing” is not the sole source or where grades were based. I just wanted to pass a written paper at the time I was asked to do so.

I hope this time I will learn the art of saying “No!” I have to practice that to prevent the part when they said some people may abuse me or will take my gestures wrong. I guess this is my first step on the changes I promised last post.

For now, I’ll just enjoy my little project and that’s blogging.


Curbside Puppet said...

nahabaan ako ng konti doc! di ko na binasa lahat! basta importante nagcomment ako! hehehe.

† Yods† said...

eto lang ang masasabi ko doc...


Lawstude said...

mabait ka kasi doc. ayaw mo na nakakaoffend ng tao to the point na nahihirapan ka na. alam ko yan kasi ganyan din ako dati lols.

JM said...

hehe pareho tayo ng dilemma during writing for subject papers. ieexpect nila na ikaw na gagawa.

yeye said...

ganyan din ako hehehe

pero ngayon di na masyado hahaha

tama yan. mahirap kaya ung ganyan. hehehe

ang bait naman. kaso ala pa ung frap ko. hahaha LOL

haahah welkam bak to ep-i-yu..yikes pasukan na naman ehehehe


That only reflects the fact that you are a responsible person and you are willing to scarifice your own personal time and energy to bring a GROUP's project to success.

Success is a personal standard. And your's is high.

gillboard said...

i always end up doing everyone's part pag may papers na ganyan before.

Paano, gagawin nga nila part nila, la naman kwenta yung mga sinusulat, so ako rin mag-aayos.

Oh well... wala masama sa pagsabi ng "No" at "Ayaw ko"

Rio said...

mahirap talagang magsabi ng no..ewan ko pero ganyan din ako..nahihiyang magsabi ng no minsan.

namiss ko tong blog mo doc..

.::. Vanny .:. said...

parang ako lang ah.
ako ang laging gumagawa ng part ng iba sa office and in the end, ako ang mapapagalitan kc di ko natapos yung talagang part ko.

ang serious ng comment ko. not in a good mood eh. =(

btw, musta mr. worth million bucks doc?

acey said...

hi, bro! like you, i used to suffer every time i said yes because i didn't know how to say no. i learned that it's partly being a filipino... we never wanna cause conflict or displease people... maybe life is teaching you that you don't have to be too accommodating all the time. some people (especially those who are rather--sorry for the term!--parasitic) abuse the goodness of good people kasi. :D

Coldman said...

sometimes it's okay to say NO.

Say NO to drugs!

dyuk. =)