Friday, December 12, 2008

Death in December

I’m not saying that deaths in other months is not sad, but comparing it to the month of merriment and cheer? A month of parties, exchanging gifts and celebrating with our families, death is the last thing on our minds. It’s not that I’m afraid to die. Well I am… cause I was thinking lately, my parents spent a lot for my education so I better be careful at the same time have to be prepared.

Why did I open death at this very time of the month? Well, for the past 2 days I was at home and rested and enjoying home cooked meals. Hehe. But I noticed the black banner in front of our neighbor’s gate. I immediately asked mom who’s the casualty and why. She said it was our 32 year old male neighbor, a family friend, due to heart attack. That young? A younger one that Popoy told me was a celebrity also died at his prime this month. My mom also told me that the father of our neighbor died of the same way.

I also remember my grand dad, my mom’s father… We visited him at their house when I was 7 and my mom told me to stay and sit beside my lolo who’s been bed ridden for a year (I think). My mom helped lola to prepare lunch and then 30 minutes or so, I called my mom and told her my lolo stop breathing and then all I can remember was my lola, crying beside my lolo and my mom asked me to call my dad from the farm then go directly home and call my siblings and tell them what happened. It was the 23rd of December. My relatives from US came home. We still had Noche Buena and Media Noche though. But the celebrations were simpler, no happy noises, no gifts and no fireworks too.

What I’ve been reflecting lately is that some of us are lucky to celebrate the holidays with smiles or will receive some gifts and attend lavish parties but some are tormented with loss, maybe that of a someone, financially , or maybe even a job.

This season is the best way to be thankful for all the blessing we receive also this is the season that we can share our love that even the not so showy ones can present some love not just for our families but also to our friends. Hehe. And lastly and the most important, this is the season we celebrate Christ.

Happy happy Christmas everyone!

X’s – I’ll be gone for a while!


MakMak said...

Wow. Nag-sabi na ng Christmas greetings. Ang aga! Haha. :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

maaga kasi exam week ko! hahaha
at wala kong pang text! nyehehe

cyndirellaz said...

i must add also christmas is the time to remember the birth of our one and only savior di ba? Minsan kasi we got blinded by all the material things around us ^^ lol charing!

advance merry christmas!

gillboard said...

dahil bumati ka na, maligayang pasko rin sa iyo!!!

although, parang ang grim naman senyo... wawa yung mga naiiwan kapag ganitong panahon

RJ said...

Malungkot nga ang ganu'n. Last 1993 Dec 27 namatay ang Lola ko. 8 months din siyang nagkasakit nu'n kaya Pasko ay talagang masama na ang kalagayan nya.

Tama ka, magpasalamat tayo sa mga blessings sa atin, celebration nga talaga lalo kapag maayos ang lahat ngayong Pasko!

Merry Christmas! (,"o

ced said...

@cindy - ahehehe. may tama ka!

@gillboard - hindi pwedeng greetings lang sau.
nasan gip ko? aheheh

ced said...

@kuya RJ - oo nga, malungkot po un.

gip ko kuya ha! hihi


talagang di natin alam kung kelan tayo kukunin ni LOrd.

Tama ka, any month of the year masakit ang mamatayan, pero mas doble kung unexpected just right before Xmas. sigh....

Meryl said...

Nakakalungkot nga mamatayan... Tsk. Kaya andyan ka Doc/Skulmeyt, saving lives one patient at a time. Naks, parang superhero. O siya, gift ko ha! Haha.

gillboard said...

pag nagpabinyag ka ulit, kunin mo muna akong ninong!!! hahaha