Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ced Out of the City Part Un

I’ll be honest, I ‘m afraid to travel, whether it’s on land, air or sea. I have these dismal thoughts that play in my head and it’s full of what ifs. What if I die? What if I were in an accident? And all those things that only God can tell if they will happen. I know… I’m exaggerating! Last weekend, I let those inhibitions and decided to come with 2 friends to go to Camarines Sur (you all got it right! Hehe!). Shey, a friend since high school and a student of the UP-AIT invited Ealo and me.

Did I tell you we were with students 4-5 years younger than us? To make it short, Shey returned right after her graduation in Tokyo last year and is finishing her studies at UP. And we went to CamSur as her project.

I learned few things on that travel, and just like how I told you on my last post, was it worth to exchange my reference books, my Facebook account, my blog, my YM account to all to this place?

BTW I’ll make a 2 part story/post (pagpasensyahan nyo na ko!) hehe

You told us 9 hours!

Ealo, Shey and I decided to meet at trinoma around 5:30pm so we can eat our dinner and buy some groceries. Ealo came from his office, while Shey came from Cavite and I came from my make-up class for Surgery (tama na po ba?) haha. As usual, I’m late! hehe! We met there and did what we have planned, around 7:20 we held a taxi and went to UP campus then arrived 8 minutes late from the call time. With that being said, we weren’t able to choose seats. I told Ealo and Shey they can take the available seat together. I ended seating on a vacant chair 2 rows in front of them, and waited who will seat beside me.

Around 9pm after all 47 listed participants were completed, the bus started its engine, and we’re rolling. It’s nice that my seatmate is as silent as me; there were no exchange of pleasantries and I seated near the window cause I prefer to own the air-condition. Hehe! 2 hours and half passed and we arrived at the first and thought to be the last pit stop for that night. Some ate dinner and I decided not to take anything even water. Haha. I don’t want to be a hassle to everyone cause I’ll urinate every 2 hours. My plan was successful though. At 11pm we’re travelling again. Some groups were noisy and annoying. I fell asleep for an hour and they were still talking, fell asleep again and woke up at 2am and they’re still noisy, 3 am… 3:30 at last they shut up! Hahaha.

I didn’t notice how many more police checkpoints and road renovations but I only saw 2 each while I was awake. It was around 5:30am and 10 kilometers away from the area when our bus started smelling like a burned rubber inside. We waited for at least 2 and half hours for a new bus. The itineraries for Saturday morning events were disrupted. We arrived at the area at 10am. We were supposed to have a tour at that time but the professor moved all activities at afternoon.

We checked in at 11am and rested till lunch. Can you compute how many hour we traveled?

Hi! My name is _____.

Though me and Ealo and 4 more others were externalities from that tour, we still have to join the class’ activities that afternoon. As usual you have to introduce yourself.

That class is still very much like my high school, or that’s what Shey is trying to set in our minds. There were still the popular group, the picture perfect ones, the kikays, the jologs, and us the weirdos. Hahaha (enkai, xtel and muning, I know you three are reading this!) hahaha

So the whole Saturday was intended for games. We introduced ourselves by a game. You’ll write at least 2 words of anything that describes you. Then after that we were randomly grouped by 6 and for a while, goodbye to small groups and hello team members. My team mates are okay, we prefer not to hassle ourselves. There was a lot of running, going inside a cave, looking for things, posing and taking pictures with something, diving to a pool looking for something again, navigating with a compass, and solving some math problems. Me and my team mates were the last one to arrive at the last area and we pretended the task were so easy that we were bored and that’s where we got our team team’s nickname, team Petiks!

After that there was a water sports and the activities ended by mini awarding ceremony at dinner.

After dinner, Ealo, Shey and I toured around the CWC area, and took some pictures. Around 10pm we returned to our cabin, decided to have an early rest so that tomorrow morning we can give a good grip on that rotating cables which will pull us while wakeboarding.

To be continued…


gillboard said...


White said...

hmnnn...kaya pala....:)

"Ealo came from his office, while Shey came from Cavite and I came from my make up class" - kaya ka na-late kasi nagpa-beauty ka pa! LOL

and you traveled around 14 hours including the 2.5 hours waiting for the new bus. right? hehe

and pictures! (with that 'make-up'! LOL)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@GB - i asked ealo and shey to give me some pics! ayan ha! hahaha

@kuya white - oo naman shu uemura pa gamit ko! hahaha. kala mo ah!

ang tagal ng byahe ko no? isipin mo ganu kasakit sa pwet yun! haha


I actually read it.. It was like reading a book/diary. So detailed... nice! Kaya lang TBC?

sige, I'll definitely read the next post.

And to travel by bus overnight? OMG! I hope may seatbelts kayo.

my-so-called-Quest said...

@kuya kris - naks! hehe salamat kuya! buti natiis mo basahin! haha

walang seatbelts! haha

Anonymous said...

yeah! pics will be good CED...

I love to travel whether by land, sea or air.

ang tatag nyo grabe...

Cam sur is fun though, may mga ka-office mate snga ako na nag wakeboarding dun! gusto ko ring pumunta! :)

yeye said...

salamat sa pageencourage mo sa akin kagabi. hahaha. at dahil jan, may award ka sa akin :D http://idlip.net/?p=321

aynaku...anu yan? fieldtrip? hehehe. palibhasa kasi ala na taung fieldtrip ngaung college ehehehe

yan kasi di ka nagchange ng position every 4 hours...buti di ka nagka-pwet sore. hahaha. dapat kasi sa bandang unahan ng bus ikaw umupo..para pwedeng mag-likot sa pwesto hehehe. over naman ung 9 hours...daig pa ung byahe papuntang baguio. hehehe.

ano ang iyong to be continued?? pictures??nakoooo...AZA!!!

pag nadaig ko ung 85/100 mo na derma, pa-kape ka na ah. hahaaha. AZA ULET!!!!


(PS. pag ako naging nurse mo, malulugi klinika mo. hahaha. puro lait/banat ang pinagsasabi ko eh haha)peace kuya doc :D

Rio said...

dokiiiiiiii....asan na ang pasalubng namin na pictures???
kakainggit ka naman at nag camsur ikaw...isama mo naman ako paminsan minsan ha..

Meryl said...

Maarte may part 2 pa! Hahaha.

Tinamad ako magbasa, pasensha ka na. Hahaha. Napakawalang kwenta ko.

Pictures na nga lang! Hahaha.

ced said...

@chris - oo matatag nga! hahaha
try mo rin one time for fun! hehehe

@yeye - salamat sa award! hihihi

ced said...

@doc rio - send ko na lang po sa email mo ah! hehee

@meryl - hhahaha. oks lang. kahit ako nabato e! hahaha

Anonymous said...

doc ced. matagal na pala tayong hindi nakakapagchat. nakapunta ka na pala dyan sa CWC. pucha. hindi ba nasira o naantala yung wakeboarding operations? hahaha