Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Short Post

Wow! Look at that, my last post was 14 days ago! Haha! Well I was pretty busy doing nothing! Hehe! So here goes my post!

We met 12 years ago and a common friend introduced me to you. You were skinny, awkward, shy type and silent. You speak in English eloquently, since you grew up in the states and to be honest I was afraid I might say something funny or something wrong the day I first talked to you. Correct me and my overused memory but that was ACE Week in our high school right?

Remember the times when we have our meryenda break in highschool, you’ll buy the drinks and I’ll buy the doughnuts, and if we have extra cash we’ll eat tukneneng. Haha! There were also times when we were asked to stand up by our Filipino teacher! Haha. Remember the time when we went to megamall then there was a bomb scare the day after that. How about the times we laughed over someone because they deserved to be laughed at or laughing when we made fools of ourselves! Haha! We definitely have our drama moments and we sometimes never talked in high school and good thing we never got into a fist fight. hehe (okay i'm cutting cheesy moments here! I know you're vomiting already! lol!)

Seriously, I’m very glad that I met you and we clicked as budies; you know almost everything about me, what goes on with my life, what’s on my mind and what are my plans. In short, I know, you want to complain already! hehe. I’m really grateful for everything. You’re defo like a brother.

I wish you Goodluck to all your goals. I know you can do it! And like what I always say, “UWI ka na ulit!” Hehe!
HAPPY 24th Birthday Enkai!
x's - i wanted to put a picture of you. but i might get hits because they only wanted to see you! hahaha
btw enkai, you're old! hahaha


MakMak said...

Nice. :-) Sweet. Hahaha.

Happy Birthday kay Bespren mo doon!

my-so-called-Quest said...

aba! may isang comment na nakapost! heheh!

oi enkai, manlibre ka! haha