Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last Chance

We make different reactions on different news we heard. The only difference is that how we handle ourselves in such situations. Don’t you hate those unguarded moments that you just wish the person asking would just shut up or you just wish you can vanish immediately?

I was told last Friday that a past love is now engaged and planning to wed this year.

Few friends were asking me what I feel. I hope this post, though some of them cannot read this, but I guess this way is my only manner of releasing what I really feel. I rarely talk to them of what I think if the situation is about me.

First and the truth is I’m really really happy for her. That she found that person that will take care of her and that someone love her for who she is. And from the images of them that I see, they two deserve each other. They deserve that bond. Both of them are in the right age and from what I heard, she learns a lot from him.

Secondly, I am not hurt but there is that tiny pinch. Maybe it’s a usual thing to feel? It’s a sort of wake up call for me and asked myself of where I am now. I’m no near to any success career wise and relationship wise. But to be clear, with that news, it made me realize that this is the time that I have to be serious. I will make that news and them as my motivation. That soon I’ll be happy too.

Third, there is a huge difference of what I feel to them, what I feel to the situation and what do I feel about myself from what I heard and all are miles and miles away from bitterness.

Lastly, a friend asked me if ever I’ll get invited, will I come? No, because it’s their day. And that’s the time we celebrate them. And it’s not the time to celebrate a pity party. (imagine that as a scene in a movie. Hahaha)

So there, again I want to congratulate them. And to my real friends who can read this, you know who you are. Don’t worry. I’m okay.