Sunday, June 27, 2010

From One Party to Another... That's how we Migrate... (repost)

So where I’ve been last night?

I wonder what’s with the month of June. Sure most wedding are in June but how come most of my friends were also born in this month. Or the month of October cause apparently that’s month they were conceived. Well I’m not really complaining cause more birthdays equates with more party celebrations! Hehe

Last night, I returned to QC to attend my friend’s 26th birthday at Omakase, a Japanese restaurant in Il Terazo, Tomas Morato. I’m not really a fan of Japanese food. But last night changed my thought about it.

Let the pictures speak for themselves!

After the birthday party, my other friend was not yet in the mood to go home so we went to Fort Strip right after. Again I’m not a fan of going to these kind of places… like, Encore...


1. I hate smoke! And the odor sticks to you no matter what. And second-hand smoke = increase risk of lung CA.

2. I only drink occasionally, so yes I got a little drunk.

3. Feels like I don’t belong. Parang pang mayaman kasi? haha :D

But I kinda enjoyed last night because we got in via VIP treatment, drinks are not that bad, very tight security so wala masyadong magugulo. Music’s okay (except for club mixes of beaver and t.swift’s music! Lol), hot Girls (best thing is when they smile or wink back at you)! Hihihi and syempre yung dalawang kasama ko. I’m really happy I’m with them. We’re friends since first year Med.

Oh and yeah, silly and funny looking people who doesn’t care how they dance to the beat. Hehehe. Nakakatuwa silang panuorin!

Okay back to sleep!

i apologize for that weird post, i was trying to add formspring on my blog. my answer to that question was, ME! lol!


Nimmy said...

naks! VIP oh! glad you had a lot of kuya.. woot wooot!

my-so-called-Quest said...

@nimmy - naki VIP lang. lol!sabi nga nila the best things in life are free! hahaha

tere said...

"Oh and yeah, silly and funny looking people who doesn’t care how they dance to the beat. Hehehe. Nakakatuwa silang panuorin!"

ayun,umiral na naman ang pagka maldito mo,hahaha! ilan na okray mo?

my-so-called-Quest said...

tere! hahaha
meron tlagang sumasayaw dun parang lumilipad. nasa likod namin! susme. hahha
sayaw ba un o tribal dance. hahaha

Popoy Inosentes said...

ikaw na ang susyal!!! hindi ka na mareach. ENCORE? KAMON!!! sino ba pumapartey dyan? Tim Yap? Divine Lee? Socialtes? ibang klase. hahaha OA much naman ako.

wow ang sarap nung japanese food o kahit hindi ako mahilig dyan LOL

my-so-called-Quest said...

@popoy - ikr!
plano ko dun magbday next time. lololol!

bagay ka rin naman dun! sipping your champagne, danicng wild in the table. hehehe! joke!

ardee sean said...

nakakatakam yung food... sarap nyan :P

beero said...

aba at party animal ka na rin pala cedric. hehe. ayus sa social life ah. mang-invite ka naman minsan! woot!

my-so-called-Quest said...

@ardee - yup! at kahit busog ka na you'll feel light on the tummy! hehe

@beero - ganun talaga lifestyle of the rich and famous! lol

beero said...

yeah right...

so sinasabi mo na di kami bagay sa party na yan kasi mahirap kami? LOL

my-so-called-Quest said...

@beero - may sinabi ba akong ganun?

"ganun talaga lifestyle of the rich and famous! lol"

does it even look like i'm serious?

tere said...

ay! teka nga...nababasa mo ba ang naiisip ko B1..?


p.s- miss ko na si cookie? asan na un?

*walang konek sa entry, nanggugulo lang,hahaha!*

my-so-called-Quest said...

@tere - ikr! alam mo na!?! hahaha. God knows what were both thinking right now! hahaha

beero said...

eh alam ko naman di ka serious dun eh. gumagawa lang ako isyu! hahahah

tere said...

hahaha! i'm thinking wholesome ha..don't know abt you. lol!

my-so-called-Quest said...

seriously now?

t2, i smsed you! magreply ka soon! :D

t2 said...

smsed me? wala kaya..baka wrong send? lol!

shenanigans said...

ang sarap nung maki.. haha!

ako mas gusto ko yung maingay sa bar. mas maraming tao. mas energetic ang crowd mas masaya. party people eh.. hehe