Monday, June 7, 2010

Seat H12

Hey! Salamat sa mga dumaan sa blog. I really really appreciate it. :D

At last I watched SATC2 last night after I got my haircut. I’m accustomed of watching movies alone naman so oks lang. Unexpectedly, Cinema 3 in Trinoma was jam-packed. But good thing I got the best seat in the house because I always reserve tickets with the best view. 5 minutes before time I entered the Cinema with my fave Mixed Cheese and BBQ popcorn from Taters and Wendy's Biggie Iced Tea. :D

What can I say? Hmmm…

I’m familiar with the series in HBO kasi I’ve been watching SATC when I was in highschool pa ata. Sa Wowow pa yun. I don’t know if you know that Japanese channel? Before, you can watch undeleted and explicit scenes there. Hehehe

I’m not going to deny I love the series. Imagine living in New York? The restaurants? The location? The view? It’s like having a tour in NY for free! Though I can’t relate to their fashion, who cares? They had good storylines then.

It’s nice to watch the first and second film. It’s good to see the characters again, how they developed or outgrew their naïve characters before. No offense to those who hadn’t watched the series but if I’ll feel clueless if I watch the films and didn’t know the series. Baka ako lang naman yun. Hehe

Kahit nuon pa, Samantha Jones’ character had the best punch lines and funniest scenes! :D

Ano pa ba?

Oh yeah, I’m making 2 birthday gifts for 2 med friends. Medyo tipidero mode ako ngayon kaya I’m making my gifts. Haha. Oks lang naman siguro yun? It’s the thought that counts sabi nga nila. :D

Lastly, after 7 books and 9 years after the first film… all must end well… L


caloy said...

ok naman yung satc2. mas oks nga lang para sakin yung 1. :) followed you pala. :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@ caloy - hey, thanks sa pagdaan. SATC1 is ok too. parang mas may story comapred sa sa SATC2.

Popoy I. said...

ay hindi nagyaya at hindi nanlibre. BOO!!! hahaha

my-so-called-Quest said...

@popoy - aba! di ka naman nagtatanong! teka kelan mo ko libre? hehehe

kcatwoman said...

hi.. i love the SATC series on hbo , sobra. i was very young when it started and so ngayon ngayon ko lang pinanood ang mga reruns. youre right, you really cant help but love these 4 girls. but i like the series than the movie. but i still love this 4 women. theyre so fab and their friendship is something one can only wish to have.


yeye said...

yung regalo mo sa akin na starbucks frappe tunaw na!


ang bait mo naman na friend/classmate. cge pagbutihin ang paggawa ng regalo. hihi

my-so-called-Quest said...

@kat - i agree! :D so who do you like the best among the four girls?

@yeye - nabigay ko na! hehe