Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Truth Why I Run

Had you ever been called fat? A Pig? A Planet? A Constellation? Or worst, a Galaxy?

Me? The first two yes, but the rest, probably? Haha

I weighed almost 198lbs last year. I eat to overcome stress worst is depression. I used to be thin when I was a kid, I remember being sick every start of school year, from common colds to kidney stones that occurred once at Christmas Holidays. When I reached 10 years old, my weight went up. I used to blame it on multivitamins (that was when I was in high school and now I learned it doesn’t have that effect) but the serious reason aside from genes was also the lack of physical activity. I hated sports then! I hated sweating! I hated the sun!

Funny thing was my relatives last year kept on telling me that having extra pounds on a physician is better rather than looking like a wimpy stick. I know they were trying to console and tries hard not to compare me to my brother who lost almost 60 lbs after 2 years of diet and exercise,

Then last October I received news that an old love was getting married. Don’t worry, I moved on already! I’m happy for her, that she had her dream wedding with her man. That she’s finally getting what she deserves, and that’s to be happy. But I'' be honest, the situation made me feel like I’m a loser. I’m fat, I’m a failure, 24 and still jobless. Some of my friends try to cheer me up by telling “you’ll be a great fucking doctor!”

But prior to that, I also had unresolved medical issues; I had a history of vomiting for 12 hours. Everytime I’ll try to lie down in bed and try to sleep, I feel nauseous and needs to vomit. It occurred twice already. Their impression was Vertigo. There was also one time that I can’t sleep and it felt like I was drowning. I had my heart check and was delighted that the results were normal.

But that was my epiphany that I have to do something about my weight.

I started running. Upon taking my 2-month break from Med School, I took the opportunity to lose weight. Our house here in Cavite is near in a private cemetery (I know, weird right?), that’s where I usually run for 30-40 minutes.

I enrolled myself in a gym. I was hesitant at first because of the some stories I heard and read. But as long as you do your own business, you’ll be ok. Good thing my instructor was very helpful in assisting me. My 3-month membership ended so I bought sets of dumbbells for my dorm.

I continued running in UP, for 2 hours, 3 times a week.

But everything changes, the truth why I run now is for myself. I run for my health. I run because I finally found an activity that I enjoy. I run because it’s a cheap way to lose weight. It’s true that when you try to set goals make sure you’ll do it for yourself and not for others and what they think of. It’s more realistic and more effective. :D

Still far from my ideal body weight, I know it’s a long way to go. I’m still called fat by some. Haha. But who cares, I don’t mind, I know I’ll reach my target weight soon, One step at a time!


Nimmy said...

kaya mo yan kuya! kayang kaya mo yan!

i have a goal this year. 120lbs or less. currently 150 ako.

keri natin 'to kuya! :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@nimmy kayang kaya! haha i think i'm 20lbs shy from my weight. haha :D

gillboard said...

sino nagsasabi sayong mataba ka?! upakan natin!!! hehehe

pero tama ka. dapat gawin yang mga yan para sa sarili! hehehe

my-so-called-Quest said...

@GB - what if ako nagsabi sa harap ng salamin? lol uupakan mo ba ko? hahaha

SOLTERO said...

oks na oks..
and oh yeah, mararamdaman mo ang difference kapag tumatakbo ka na, ibang iba, ang gaang ng pakiramdam.


my-so-called-Quest said...

@soltero - akala ko inaasar mo ko kasi magaan = balloon! hehehe. joke lang! pero thank you! wala bang star? hehe

Ex Jason said...

Nung bata ako tinatawag akong "tambokikoy, liwat sa baboy". kung sa tagalog pa, "tabachoy, mana sa baboy". lol.

Mabuhay ang mga pinipilit maging healthy. kaya natin to. =D

parking ticket said...

i've been going to the gym for one and a half years already.. hanggang naging gymrat na talaga ako.. from 156lbs, i'm down to 127 lbs.. my cuurent body fat (which is at 14.9%) is 1.9 % shy from my ideal body fat for height which is 13%... I've been with my trainor for 4 months already.. at naman.. kung parusahan ako.. para ako si pacquiao...:) cheers

anteros' dominion said...

haaay, sana pumayat ako

tere said...

hey, sexy! ahihihi.

kaya yan! kaw pa..balitaan mo ako pag pang billboard na abs mo ha? :p

arkin said...

congrats :) ang saya nyan. lifestyle change!

my-so-called-Quest said...

@jason - haha! natuwa naman ako dun sa term! hhahaha. kaya natin to! konting effort pa!

@antero - change starts with you. naks! hehe. yan ang motto ko kaya dun sa mga friends ko na may weight problem din na instead na magrant, why not do something about it. :D you will! kung ako nga nakaya ko. hehe

my-so-called-Quest said...

@parking - any tips? problema ko tlaga love handles. lol! may shape tuloy ako. haha. may curves. lol! sobrang tiyaga mo mag gym!

@tere - oo ikaw una makakakita nun! at for sure tutulo laway mo! hehehe

my-so-called-Quest said...

@arkin - yup change for the better. :D tama ka, daming health risk so kung pwedeng imodify! go! hehe

Guyrony said...

According to Men's Health the best motivation one can think of when working/sweating out is because IT'S FUN.

The health purpose or the purpose of being healthier only comes second. But it's still a good mind-set. We have the same reasons.

To jogging! And the random cute boys jogging! Weeeeeh!

my-so-called-Quest said...

@guyrony - ako ba sinasabihan mong cute? thanks! hahaha. ang kapal ko lang e no? hahaha

fun talagang magrun/jog. at thanks sa music na binigay mo. mas lalo akong gaganahan. hehe

iurico said...

Running, for me, has always been a therapy. It takes me on to a different "dimension."

I never thought of it as an exercise but before I knew it, muscles started forming in my legs - eventually, my body.

So go lang ng go. Next time, borta na ang tawag sa'yo. :-)

Leo said...

kaya mo yan! sa mga nagsasabing mataba ka, sabihin mo na lang sa kanila, "di ko kasalanan kung wala kayong pambili ng pagkain. dukha." hahaha. joke lang.

my-so-called-Quest said...

@iurico - salamAt sa pagdaan. i enjoy running now too! kaya lang ano yung borta? hehehe. borta parang torta! tortang itlog. hehe

@leo - lol, di ko alam na masasabi mo yan. haha. pero i like!

Jake said...

Wow! Just as what Confucius once professed, "a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step."

I used to weigh 210 lbs, but after a year of boxing and 3 months of gym, I'm back to 153 lbs.

Miracle? Nah, just plain self-discipline.

Goodluck man!

my-so-called-Quest said...

@jake - tama! disiplina! wala kang patutunguhan kung wala ka nun! salamat sa pagdaan. :D

iurico said...

Ask Carrie - he has the perfect definition of the word "borta." LOL

Pero for me, "borta" is normally the term I use pag maganda ang katawan ng guy.

Anonymous said...

Go go go. I also am 15lbs away from my ideal weight and am too lazy to move my ass off. Poor poor haha.

Angelo said...

congratulations! :) we all gotta start somewhere, right? :)

i could relate big time to your opening sentence.

shenanigans said...

pareho tayo emotional eater.. haha!

i wish i could also do that, wala kasi akong self-discipline eh