Saturday, February 5, 2011

It’s Time Everyone Flies.

If you will ask me 3 years ago where do I want to work or be an intern, I’ll confidently and will never think twice say “dito sa Pinas”. Of course that was 3 years ago. Three short years ago when I still don’t know what I want. Still don’t know my opportunities to work or be an intern somewhere else.

During the holidays, I talked to Nanay about my plans. And one of her statements struck me; she said “akala ko gusto mo dito magtrabaho at hindi ka aalis”. After explaining to her everything with matching tears (yeah, ako ng iyakin…) she understood now why I wanted to go there. She asked me things, like, will I ever be back here if ever? I said of course, I could train there then go back or save a lot first there then go back or have a vacation here if possible. I don’t know. Things can still change. I’ll know when I get there.

I’m currently inquiring in 3 hospitals. I’m excited and at the same time, very nervous. Who wouldn’t be? But if I’ll let this opportunity pass, I might regret one day why I didn’t even try. (Now I need your prayers for this one, sana maayos at matuloy)

Some of my friends question me why do I even want to try. That I’m more needed here. But I told them, my reasons and I hope they understood. I really hope they do.

Should I explain my reasons to all of you? I guess not. But one thing is certain; I’m doing this for myself. I’m doing this for my future... for a better future. And if that future includes you and that’s just tremendous at the same time exhilarating because it’s a dream come true.

Now, let's put these wings to test.


glentot said...

Gogogo! Lipad! Shed off your fears, seize your chance.

Leo said...

follow thy heart. :)

soltero said...

whatever your plans are, good luck to you...

tama ka - do it for yourself at para walang regrets later on :P

kalansaycollector said...

follow your heart doc, kung san ka masaya, suportahan taka! hehe

go go go! go for your dreams! :)

soltero said...

btw..super like ur header..lalo na ung NOW SAILING!! saktong sakto :P

Anonymous said...

maraming nangangailangan ng doki sa pinas.. wahehhee

gillboard said...

If you ask me I'd say stay here.

But it's your lifen your choice.

So, god bless doc!

Wv: chafusit (parang yung artista lang)

Nimmy said...

good luck friend!!!! :D

my-so-called-Quest said...

@glentot - salamat salamat. wag mo ko itulak. hehehe

@leo - salamat sir leo!

@soltero - salamat kuya S. :)

@kalansay - thanks thanks!

@soltero ulit - ewan ko ba nung ginawa ko tong blog, i've been a wanting to travel and sail. hehe. emo lang. hehe

@kiko - nako! hahaha. madaming doctor dito sa pinas.

@GB - i said the same thing years ago. pero, ayun. hehe

@nimmy - salamat kaibigan. hug! hehe

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Go, follow your dreams. Your Nanay will definitely miss you but she'll understand for sure. You are his star...

From the song "What You Are" by Jewel

"A star is a star
It doesn’t have to try to shine
Water will fall
A bird just knows how to fly"

coldie said...

Tama si kuya josh, do it for yourself and not for other reasons. Basta doc pag andito ka na dapat may free dinner kami. Yehey!

Luis said...

goodluck doc ced!! tama yan.. mas ok na maglayag hanggat bata.. para may panahon ka pang timbangin at balikan kung saan ka mas mararapat.. kailangan mo talagang tikman para malaman mo ang tunay na lasa.. at kung hindi mo susubukan.. madadagdagan na naman ang "what if" mo sa buhay.. God bless!

sugar said...

whatever it is that would make u happy and fulfilled...GO!

pero babalik ka ha.. :)

Kamila said...

kung san ka man pupunta for sure mas madami ka magiging experience dun...

hmmmm.. hesitations are made before decisions... pwedeng maghesitate ka sa una.. pero pinagsisisihan ang mga bagay na hindi na-gawa... go lang!

Guyrony said...

In order to help others, you have to help yourself first. Totally understandable.

Best of wishes.

my-so-called-Quest said...

@mschuni - salamat sir. hehe. at kumanta ka pa. mas maappreciate ko kung gagawa ka ng video habang kumakanta nyan. hehe

@kuyacoldman - haha. sino may sabi dyan ako pupunta? sa bahay lang ako pupunta. joke! hehehe. libre lang pala e. sagot mo tix. joke!

@luis - aw, salamat luis. musta ka na ah?

@Sugar T - salamat T. hug!

@kamila - salamat! at tama ka.

@G - musta na? hope you're well. and you're right, i need to help and prove to myself na kaya ko. may new music ba tayo dyan for jogging? hehe. ingat ka rin.

Sean said...

Good luck doc! Kung saan ka masaya at mabuti nga yang walang iisiping mga what ifs.

Guyrony said...

Try these:

Tonight - Enrique Iglesias

We R Who We R - Kesha

Rocketeer and Like a G6 - Far East Movement (sounds like your alma mater,hehehe.)

Stereo Love - Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina

Night Is Young - Nelly Furtado

Dirty Picture and Higher - Taio Cruz

Animal - Neon Trees

Hey, Soul Sister - Glee cast

Raise Your Glass - Pink

Yeah 3x- Chris Brown

Get Outta My Way - Kylie Minogue

Only Girl - Rihanna

Update me if you find these songs helpful and enjoyable. Have fun!

Bleeding Angel said...

follow your dream tsong, Pray and believe :)

poot said...

I share the same sentiments Doc. This July, I'll be taking the NLE. I'm quite scared 'cos this will define my future.

I'm also thinking of going abroad after I passed. Sobrang kunti kasi ng opportunities dito sa Pinas as of now. Kaya wala talagang choice.

Pero it doesn't mean that we're not nationalistic.

Nishiboy said...

sabi ko dati di ako agad aalis. at eto nga, di nga ako umalis. kasi naka kontrata ako. lol.

kanya kanya lang naman yan. kesa naman mag stay ka dito tapos manghihinayang ka lang din.

tim said...

Wow, that's an adventure! So you gotta run after it. I will pray and help you with it. Stay cool!

Biboy Ordinario said...

every Pinoy deserves a greener pasture... as long it is for good and everything will flow smoothly :) God bless

orally said...


my-so-called-Quest said...

@sean - salamat salamat! hehe

@guyrony - will check these soon G. sobrang salamat

@bleeding angel - salamat!

@nishi - adik! hahaha. tama. para walang panghinangayan. hehe

@tim - salamat tim!

@biboy - salamat biboy!

@orally - i will kuya O! pics ng bakasyon mo? share! hehehe

Will said...

Dito lang kami! :D

Raft3r said...

opportunities are everywhere (hindi nga lang sa pinas, sadly)
go for it
good luck
at kaya mo yan

Keatondrunk said...

we'll support you bro, good luck sau!

Jag said...

Do what you think is right for you...goodluck po!

buendiaboy said...

basta ba happy ka

gora lang ng gora

chino a.k.a chinchan said...

ganun talaga , you will defintly miss home , just follow your dreams , have numerous friend doctors who made it overseas... good luck in everthing you do

chino a.k.a chinchan said...

our futures not ours to see , but i still wish you goodluck

-ssf- said...

gow gow gow :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@will - salamat!

@rafter - salamat sir. true that there are more opportunities outside the country. sad.

@keaton - salamat!

@jag - i will. salamat.

@buendiaboy - salamat. hehe

@chino - salamat.

@ssf - sama ka? hehe

Ester Yaje said...

at nakabalik rin ako dito. i've changed my url kaya nawala lahat. glad to be back here!

Anonymous said...

Normal lang magkaron ng anxiety kapag aalis ka pero kapag nakikita mo na at nahahawakan ang benefits, prang ayaw mo ng bumalik. lol

I wish you luck DOC. Getting out of our comfort zone is always a big challenge and believe me, its worth it til the end :)

Raft3r said...

babalik ka naman ng pinas, eh
yun ang importante

daniel said...

Goodluck doc! Best wishes!