Sunday, February 13, 2011

Something New, Something Old. Press Play Then Next

In the light of the celebration of Vday, I’ll post some music to set you all in the mood. Hehehe

Well, these are some songs that you can use or listen just for fun. It can be stimulating or do the opposite to you. So kayo na ang bahala. haha

So enjoy the Valentines version of Something New, Something Old.

Sexual Capacity by Color Me Badd

“I never knew someone like you would come my way.
To tell the truth, I can't help but be a little afraid
I think your love might be a little too much for me.”

*I first heard this song under the OST of the 1996 film Striptease starring Demi Moore. Though it didn’t made to the original cut for the OST, I remember its music video showing some clips from the said movie.

All The Things by Joe

“Nothin' can be sweeter than the sound of makin' love
Baby, when I start I just can't stop
I'll love you from the bottom to the top
Nothin' is forbidden when we touch”

*Just check out the beats and the lyrics of this song. Haha

Criminal by Fiona Apple

“Let me know the way
Before there's hell to pay
Give me room to lay the law and let me go
I've got to make a play

*Like the second one, her voice matching the beats plus the video. Haha. I have a crush on her and seeing this vid didn’t even helped my…

Nice & Slow by Usher

“Now here we are
Drivin' round town
Contemplating where I'm gonna lay you down
Girl you got me sayin'
My, my, my
I wish that I Could pull over
And get this thing started right now
I wanna do something freaky to you baby

*Now I know most of you know this one. Like me, the 90’s kids know this song by heart. Well not all but I remember seeing this video and singing along with it. Hehe and look a young Kimora Lee. lol

Honorable Mentions

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

Nobody by Keith Sweat

Bliss by Mariah Carey

Slow by Kylie Monogue

Butterflies by Michael Jackson

X's - o mga kids, enjoy your date kung meron, kung wala, ganyan talaga, sanayan lang yan. haha. ako sanay na. Happy Valentines Day! :P


Will said...

Alam na. :p

gillboard said...

wala akong alam sa mga kanta mo.

Keatondrunk said...

nice, happy valentine!

Nimmy said...

eeeeeeeeee! music lover ka talaga friend! eeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sean said...

happy v day doc!

Jag said...

Wow! Like ko ang mga nabanggit mo lahat! Sosyal!LOLZ!

Lalo na yung Bliss ni MC. Underrated pro like ko ang song. Everytime I listen to it I get b*ner. Hahaha!Napakasensuwal kasi... Joke lng!

Happy V-tines doc!

Si Inong ay ako said...


Mu[g]en said...

Its like, you're older than me! LOoll

Anonymous said...

weee.. may nasense ako docki..w ahehhe

my-so-called-Quest said...

@will - hindi pa. ano yun? lol

@GB - naman! best of RnB and nice&slow. patugtugin mo yan pag magkasama kayo ng bebe mo. ahehehe

@keaton - happy vday too.

@nimmy - i know! happy vday nimmy!

@sean - same to you sir!

my-so-called-Quest said...

@jag - apir! bliss is underrated nga. at anu yang kasunod na statement? lol

@inong - i know right!

@mugen - langya! ngayon ko lang napansin all 4 music were reelased in 1996 and i was fucking 11 years old pa lang nun. nyahahahaha!

@kino - 5th sense? like ESPN or something? hehehe

Yj said...

happy valentine's babe....


buong maghapon kong papakinggan ang song na BAWAL NA GAMOT Mystika remix...

ayoko ma depress sa mga love songs!

bwisit lang!

Anonymous said...

di ko din alam yung mga songs. :(

happy puso day doc, i hope happy ka ngayon...

Raft3r said...

panalo si fiona apple!

teka, nasan si misis ha
magtatampo na kami

happy v day

Kamila said...

Nice Usher... napatambay tuloy ako sa bahay mo.

Désolé Boy said...

make life easier for me

The Gasoline Dude said...

Tunog pang-romansa 'yung mga kanta na ni-post mo. LOL!

glentot said...

Gusto kong magdagdag sa list: Sade's By Your Side...

kalansaycollector said...

happy balentayms! :)

athena said...

gusto ko lahat ng song. lalo na yung kay usher..

daniel said...

Hi Doc! Vlated happy Valentines day! Favorite ko poew yung Criminal ni Fiona Mansanas hehe. It's a very nice song : )

-ssf- said...

ay color me badd and usher i like eeeeeeeeee!!! anubeh nagagaya na ko kay Nimmy haha

my-so-called-Quest said...

@yj - naks! haha. babe. hehehhe bat naman bawal na gamot? bat hindi your love is my drug?

@kyle - nako! dba magkaage tayo? lol

@rafter - hot no! nagiisip ako ng kanta ni janet e. hahaha

@kamila - 90's usher's the best. hehe

@gasul - shempre. the lack of made me think of posting this. lol

@glentot - oo nga no! haha

my-so-called-Quest said...

@db - uso pa ba ang burn? hehehe

@athena - salamat salamat!

@daniel - belated happy vday sayo! hehehe

@ssf - apir tayo dyan. ehehe

@kalansay - sayo rin!