Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Indeed Been a Crazy Month

Today’s the last day of my duty in National Center for Mental Health aka Mental Hospital in Mandaluyong, also the end of my first 2 months as a Medical Clerk. In all honesty I wasn’t prepared for what’s gonna happen with me there. Like every Clerk that rotates there our motto is “bahala na si batman sa akin dun”

With 36 hours duty every 3 days, psychiatric patients are the most stressful patients I had so far. The fear that they might hurt you or do something to you is the first thing that will come up to your mind when you interview and examine them. But alas, as days pass, I learn that they are the most interesting patients I had.

Here’s what I learn from them and with my rotation
1.  On my first duty, I was startled when an 18 year old girl patient hugged me while examining another patient. I wasn’t aware that she was behind me. I commanded her to sit in her bed and told her relative to look after her. But I had palpitations right then and then and feels like litters of blood was drained in my system.

2.   Another one in my first duty, a restrained patient was asleep and I was about to get his BP, silently and with caution of not waking him up, I placed the cuff in his arm. And then again I was startled when he suddenly shouts and held my pants.

3.   There’s a big misconception about Schizophrenia. The term is misused most of the time and it’s stigmatizing.

4.  Psychotics are person who’s not aware or disconnected with reality while Neurotic people are the opposite.

5.  I read some cases, and BULLYING is indeed one of the causes of psychiatric disorder. From schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and of course depression. So be careful and watch your mouth when you talk about someone.

6.  Failed relationships are also sometimes the cause of the above mentioned psychiatric disorders. Also being alone and secluding yourself from others is a big factor.

7.    ECTs or Electroconvulsive therapy is surely effective to some patients but for me it’s very inhumane. This procedure is done by inducing your patients in convulsion with micro doses of electricity. A probe is placed in either side of the temporal part of your head.

8.       A very good support from family and friends will prevent these things from happening. These disorders are sometimes preventable.

9.    The above experiences made me paranoid for days, seriously. And I’m glad I have good friends as my safety net. But one friend told me I need to be demedicalize so that I won’t get too attached with my patients. Psych patients are draining, physically, intellectually and yes, emotionally.

10.   I was assigned in Pavilion 1. If you’ll see their condition there, they look helpless and I wonder if they’re really gonna get well. They share toothbrush, lay in cold stone floor and what looks like a prison cell. And please don’t ask me how it smells. They have skin disease from insect bites. They also share slippers which they only use when they need to go out when being examined or when their relatives visit them. I’d like to do a fund-raising for them and donate some toothbrush, bath soaps or slippers. I’d like to ask some of you for help but I’m still wondering when and how to do this. I might do it this coming December. I don’t want issues as well, cause I might hear the reason why I’m doing this to get something in return from my residents for personal interest that’s why I planned doing it right after I submitted my clearance. If you’re interested. You know how to contact me. : )

Now i’m preparing for my 2 months rotation in Pediatrics. Wish me luck! :D


gillboard said...

mukhang biglang nagkaroon ng inspiration ah.

sbeen awhile.

my-so-called-Quest said...

my profession is my new inspiration. salamat sa pagdaan gb. kahit di mo ata binasa. :P

Si Inong ay ako said...

Good luck to your next duty. Lucky you to serve those individuals who need more attention and understanding.
God Bless you. Keep safe.

nubadi said...

maybe we can be of help doc but that means losing the anonymity... but between you and me, maybe we can do that on, right? anyway good luck sa pediatrics, di ba yan ang gusto mong specialization?

miss u. hugs.

kalansaycollector said...

grabe nga sa NCMH.
noong nagresearch ako for work, pumunta ako rito.
grabe, enlightening at dami kong natutunan nun.

well matagal na akong interested sa human psyche. second choice kong course sa college nun psychology. :)


anyway ganda ng iyong plan for the patients. :)

♣ lily ♣ said...

and they have headlice too! a lot of them! nyay.

Sometimes psych patients are really scary. But most of the times, nakakaawa sila. When I had my duties there, I was kinda disappointed about their condition there.

Anyway, Goodluck on your next duty!


Will said...

Welcome back. haha. Nakakabaliw talaga ang magwork sa ganyan. Sabi rin ng tita ko nakaka-paranoid talaga. yung tipong sa sobrang pagkahalo sa mga schizophrenic patients, magkaka-paranoia ka.

Pipo del Rosario said...

I jog almost everyday sa NCMH. Just saying. =)

gillboard said...

di pa. ngayon pa lang.

naexcite lang sa post. lol

Anonymous said...

A nice read. Inspirational doc.


You're back. :D

Hoobert the Awesome said...

Well, good luck. I've been to NCMH last year. 1 week kami diyan. It was hell! And scary, too. Pero still, nakakaawa yung mga patients. It seems like they've been totally neglected by the govt. Tsk.

Anyway, good luck sa pedia. I think it's harder. HAHAHA. Puro iyak maririnig mo Doc.

Ako, heto, tambay still. :D

my-so-called-Quest said...

@inong - sabi nga ng resident ko pasalamat at merong pasyente, dun daw kami maraming matututunan. : )

@nubadi - walang problema kuya : )

@kalansay- bat di mo pinagpatuloy? pwede pa naman. hehe. sana nga matupad ko : )

@lily - sabi nga nila at mga skin disease. grabe. nakakaawa actually.

@will - totoo nga yun. basta ang weird and i'm glad na nakatapos na ko ng rotation

@pipo - sayang nagpalibre sana ko sayo sa uhm.. ayaw ko sabihin yung name ng kainan. hehehe. biro lang! : ) mukhang masarap nga magjog dun

@gb- haha bumawi!

@kuya mon - welcome! musta na?

@hoobert - kanina sa pedia iniisip ko sino masa annoying. hehehe :P

Anonymous said...

hahaha welcome back at parang another yugto na naman...

Guyrony said...

So Ced, what have you learned from these clients?

You see reality bite you the hardest. That these people need to be treated better, more humane.

If you can think of anything to help them, please let me know.

I'd be truly glad to help in any way.

You still jogging? ;)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@kiko - salamat!

@guyrony - heya! i learned a lot. what it did really thought me is not to take my problems seriously. do not overthink. overanalyze. and i have a family and friends that will support me. drama ko no? : )

i haven't been to the gym for almost 3 weeks now. sad.

kaw musta?

Guyrony said...

Like everyone says, we need all a little drama.

I am great. No qualms, not too much drama. Really quiet.

Hope to see you soon!

Leomer Apolonio said...

I think I have symptoms of being psychotic. Haha! Welcome back doc! Nice that you were able to experience those. Hopefully we could have more doctors/psychiatrists in this country, I'm not sure about the stats, but with how the country is heading, NCMH might need to branch out. Hahaha.

I salute your plans of doing charity works. Godbless!