Saturday, December 17, 2011

Magpe-Pedia ka ba?

You see the old way wasn’t working so it’s on us to do, what we gotta do, to survive

In a couple of weeks, sets another year… Another opportunity to start things in a clean slate, another opportunity to start over. It made me think what this year had thought me and changed me into. To be honest, I’m still the jolly person you’ll meet. Optimistic…Hopeful… But this time with a different perspective. I’ll admit, I used to think of the things that will only make me happy… You know? Those temporary highs.

So far I’ve been  enjoying every rotation in the hospital. Ophtha, ENT, Psych and now Pediatrics. I’m excited to learn new things, things that I only knew before because I only read about it. It’s really different when you can actually see those cases in person. Internship, so far, is teaching me how to be though in many ways. And aside from learning those medical cases, you also need to learn how to get along with your superiors and your co-interns. 

It feels good to somehow inspire a co-intern on how to have an organized mind, how to deal with pressure and how to manage being awake 36 hours with only 15 minutes of nap time. What inspire me are my patients. Seriously, all I wanted is them to be well and it feels great when you send them home feeling better. 2 weeks in Pediatric Service thought me a lot of things. It thought me how to be selfless and confident.  

A friend told me awhile ago, “how come you’re still energetic and high even though we only had an hour of sleep? How do you do that?”  I answered back with “I guess I enjoy what I do”  but i also wanted to add "i've been praying for a long time for this, to be finally busy"

x's - someone also asked me if i wanted to become a pediatrician. now that made me think hard...


yeye said...

iba talaga pag mahal mo yung trabaho mo. kahit pagod ka na, kulang sa tulog, nakakainis ang kasama mo, still you find happiness in it. iba ang fulfillment :)

malapit ka na maging ganap na doctor. galingan mo po kuya! pagpe-pray kita :)

TeeeTwo said...

ang bait mong doctor..kasi u really care for your patients. ( ehemmm, merry xmas po ninong. haha! )

not that other doctors don't. well, some maybe..hehe. Yung iba kasi wala lang, titingnan lang talaga pasyente, kulang sa compassion, it makes the patient uneasy. :D

kala ko mag-Surgery ka? pero mukhang bagay ka din mag-Pedia, kasi you're adorable and jolly-bee. Hahaha! love ng kids pag ganun. :P

Raymond said...

Sa lahat ng nameet kong doctors from your school, I can say na mababait lahat and walang ere. :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@yeye - aww thanks nurse yeye. salamat din sa mga mababait na nurse. :D

@teetwo - hamisyu! uwi ka na ng manila at tara ng mag gala. :) free consultation na si baby mo pag sinama mo. ahehe

@rj - hindi ata lahat. hehe. thanks thanks : ) tara magcoffee and review!

Mugen said...

My favorite aunt is a pediatric surgeon. :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@mugen - astig! balak ko rin yan. hehe. san sya? baka pwede sa kanya magtraining kung maisipan ko magpediatric surgeon. hehe

Nimmy said...

naks! answered prayer ba? :)

God bless Ced!

my-so-called-Quest said...

@nimmy - halu! salamat nimmoix! dahil dyan may libre kang bakuna. hehe

♣ lily ♣ said...

sana lahat ng doctors ay mabait at caring!

there were interns when I was hospitalized last month. I hate them. They would come to my room, examine me then leave without saying anything. Kainis lang.

hehe. Goodluck po sa'yo. :)