Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It was a humid January afternoon and there were no patients in the Pediatric Emergency Room. Of course I was happy, aside from no kids were getting sick that day, I’m glad cause it’s another benign duty for  me. I was sitting comfortably in one of the benches chatting up with my resident on duty. She was telling me to already decide where I will take my Post-Grad Internship. I wanted to tell her that I’m still undecided... If I’ll stay or not.

Suddenly, a crying 19 year old mother came in, carrying her child. The 2 weeks old baby wrapped in a blanket was bluish in color, gasping for air, unresponsive to any stimuli but you can still hear a heartbeat... a very faint heartbeat. The child was intubated, ambubagging was done and 3 doses of epinephrine were given.  And at exactly 2:14pm, after all the medical intervention, the child finally gave in.

I wanted to cry. That was the first death I experienced as a physician. But I know it’s not the right place and right time to do that. I wanted to blame the parents for not bringing the child immediately but due to financial constraints you can’t really blame anyone.

After that, it rained hard outside.

Almost 2 months in Pediatrics made me realize things.

1.       I’m considering Pedia as a specialization. It never crossed my mind but I’m enjoying my rotation. I also didn’t think I could have good interaction with kids. Maybe as Pediatric Surgeon Pedia Neuro.

2.       I want to train in a public hospital. You will encounter all types of cases there. Learning is really very different from studying.

3.       I was really touched when one sick kid gave me a chocolate bar and said “kuya doc, para po sa inyo”

4.       Rotating in one of the busiest public hospital thought me how to be strict and “masungit.” One parent even told me, “doc, di bagay sayo magsungit” and one co-intern told me after scolding a parent “ced, nakakatakot ka pala pag nagagalit.” I told them “di naman talaga ako galit pero kailangan magsungit dahil hindi ka papakinggan ng iba kapag nagbabaitbaitan ka sa kanila. Para rin naman sa anak nila yun”

5.       I can go on 36 hours duty with only 1-2 hours of sleep. That’s how much I love my work.

6.       I can lose 10lbs in 2 weeks. Charge it on skipping meals or having late meals.

7.       I enjoy work when I’m with a resident who’s also as bubbly as me. Work is much lighter and easier when you’re comfortable.

8.       So far I have 5 mortalities. 2 Dengue Stage 4 and 3 premature babies. And I'll never forget each one of them.

9.       I lost any form of social life. From January 1-15 I wasn’t even able to contact some friends even contact my parents and say “nay, okay pa naman ako” at least I can tweet. ehehe

10.   Finally, I got sick. Being exposed to patients with different illness can make your immune system berserk. Even if I’m taking mega doses of Vitamin C. My body finally gave in. It started with Acute Tonsillopharingitis and now I have Acute Gastroenteritis. My friend told me my eyeballs are sunken and she advised admission. Of course, being the makulit me, I declined. I said I’d rather take Hydrite.

X’s - glad this blog is turning into the chronicles of my internship. Of course there’s still a little drama, but who wouldn’t want that. It’s a good thing I write about these things.


JC said...

alam mo namang mahilig ako sa mga hospital action ala grey's anatomy, house, etc. kaya naeexcite ako for you haha. i think you'd make a very good pedia. alex karev type haha. scary.

my-so-called-Quest said...

ehehe. exciting lalo na sa ER, mga unexpected cases. tipong dapat mukha kang kalmado pero yung totoo nagiisip ka na ng gagawin. hehe salamat JC!

di ko ata kaya si karev! pero pagiisipan ko talaga ang pedia. hehe

Mugen said...

The favorite aunt has the same specialization you are planning to take.

And when she's masungit, better hide from her. Haha.

kalansaycollector said...

i love number 3. so heartwarming. :)

ang fulfilling maging doktor. :)

Leomer Apolonio said...

Yeah, you can make this as a chronicle of your work life. After all, I can sense you find fulfillment and meaning in it. You take care of your health. Unhealthy doctors are ugly. You can't go down that route. LOL.

Will said...

I remember my Tita used to cry every time she gets home nung intern pa siya whenever she has deaths at work.

I'm glad you're finding your calling not through spontaneous decisions, but through experiences. Konti na lang, Ced. :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@mugen - parang mas challenging kasi pag pedia surgeon or pedia neuro. hehe

nakakatakot ba talaga magsungit mga doctor? hehe

@kalansay - tama. naiisip ko yan palagi pagmedyo down ako. yung mga patient na natutulungan, : )

@leo - unhealthy = panget talaga? hehehe. yaan mo gagawin ko na unhealthy = not so panget na lang. may karapatan din naman kami magkasakit. hehe

@will - i cried after duty na nga lang. nakakahiya rin kasi na habang nasa ospital pulang pula mata.salamat will. konti na lang talaga. : )

citybuoy said...

I don't know you personally or anything but something tells me you'd make a great pedia. Good luck Ced! :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@citybuoy - hmmmm.. really considering it. lucky me i still have plenty of time to do that. hehe

Anonymous said...

wee kung sakaling pagdodoctor kinuha ko.. pedia talaga yung kukunin kung specialty...

Nate said...

@doc ced: hi doc! this tells me you have a way with kids.. and it's a gift! to make a child at ease with a doctor around is unique. usually kasi takot ang bata sa doctors.. ahhaha! :P --- 3. I was really touched when one sick kid gave me a chocolate bar and said “kuya doc, para po sa inyo”

something tells me you're going to do well as a pediatrician/ pediatric surgeon.. :)

good luck!! :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@kiko - goooo! pwede pa naman : )

@nate - pinagiisipan ko pa rin maige. tingnan ko what will suit me and what i really want. but i'm really considering pedia. : )

itsyaboykorki said...

whats been up ??

my-so-called-Quest said...

@korki - heya! been busy with hospital work. you?

Luis said...

wala na pala ung future gastroenterologist ko. pero ok, mas maraming bata naman ang mas magiging ok. Good luck doc ced! :)