Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Surgery! Oh Surgery!

Today's my first day in surgery rotation and i was asked to scrub-in for a minor surgery.
The surgeon was conversing with me earlier regarding my last rotation, which was Pedia. At the minor OR she asked me what do i want to take as a specialization.

I paused for awhile, thinking hard what to answer.

At the back of my mind, i want to say Pedia.

But as you all know, my first option was Reconstructive Surgery. So, that's what i said.

I told her "I want to be Reconstructive Surgeon."

The Surgeon smiled.

and she said "you need to make a good impression to me then"

My face turned red. I didn't knew prior that she's a reconstructive surgeon.

After that, she's been teaching me a lot of stuff.

She had another minor OR and she specifically asked me to scrub-in. She even asked me to excise the epidermoid cyst.then stitch the wound together.


now i'm starting to get confused.

Pedia vs. Surgery

pwede naman both. Pediatric Surgeon. ehehe


Ester Yaje said...

wow! nakakatakot! stitching the wound. anyways, go for the gold! pediatric surgeon. ikaw na doc

JC said...

pwede... sabi nga ni bailey about neuro and cardio, "you wanna waste your talent playing one little predictable organ for the rest of your life???" hahaha.

is reconstructive surgery more like mark sloane's (mcsteamy) specialization?

forgive me for the grey's anatomy references. that's the closest thing i've got of a "medical experience". LOL

Nimmy said...

Naks! Kahit saan ka naman lagay mageexcel ka eh. God less palagi :)

Anonymous said...

you can do it doc! aim high, but keep your feet on the ground :))

Leomer Apolonio said...

Pursue on where you excel and at the same time enjoy. :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@ester - mukha ba kong nakakatakot? hehhe

@wimpy - love na love ko yang si bailey! haha
i think sloan's more of a plastic surgeon pero it overlaps with reconstructive. no prob with grey's preference. thanks jc!

@nimmy - salamat nimmy! :D

@tr - awww. thanks TR. i will. : D

@leo - aaawww salamat sir leo. :D

bien said...

Surgery is where the money is. Then just make plenty of babies. Problem solved.

paci said...


kahit sabi ng psychological test na bagay sa akin ang pagiging doktor, alam kong hindi para sa akin. hehehe!

Mugen said...

Hopefully, when you go to Pediatric Surgery, you will still get to meet the Favorite Aunt. :)

kalansaycollector said...

go doc!

siyet dapat na kitang i-friend para may libre konsulta nako. chos. user ang peg. :p

t2 said...

pede magpa-reconstruct? LOL!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh... yay.. i think ito ata fear ko...

Jake said...

Ewww. Ilaban mo na ako sa lahat 'wag lang sa dugo hehehe. I remember Doc V's account about his first surgery many years back. :)

citybuoy said...

Natawa naman ako sa comment ni Bien. Pero may point siya ano. Ang mga bata, nagagawa. Ang pagbangas ng mukha, hindi kadalasan nagagawa.

Paano kung iassign ka nila sa ob-gyne next? baka magbago ulit isip mo!