Friday, February 21, 2014


"Oh my God!"

Those were the first few words I shouted out yesterday after seeing my name on the list. After all the years of failures that i've been through  in med school i finally made it. In one take, I made it.

4 days, 12 subjects and in 3 months you have to remaster everything. You must know everything. And there were times that i really want to give up.

To the Big Guy Above. I thank You. I may not be the most religious person but You always have the best plans for me. I owe it all to You.

To my parents, for always being so supportive and loving despite all the disappointments. I was about to react when i heard them telling everyone i pass but i realized they deserve all the credits. A retired naval officer turned farmer and a retired elementary school teacher, I'm more proud of them and i hope all their efforts are paid off.

To my siblings whose always been there. I'm glad we all grew up supporting and encouraging each other. I rarely see them now but i'm so happy to have them.

To my friends. Who always believed and who stayed, let's push each other to greatness.

To my partner. I love you. You may not read this but, I want you to know how happy i am that you're here and i hope whatever our plans maybe, we'll always have each other.

There's still a lot in store for me like residency training, fellowship, and subspecialty. But this is one of the greatest achievements I have so far. And i will be forever thankful.