Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My-so-called memory lane…

I used to think that my childhood was boring as hell (how many times I compared my life to hell in this blog? Hehe!). We live along the highway so I was not allowed to ride my bike outside and I’m the only kid in our block. But then I remember the mischievous things I did when I was a kid. Are you ready for it? (I think I was 4-8 y/o when this happen, you can’t blame me right?!)

- Always had tantrums in church every mass, I want to take off my shoes and run inside
You know those collections every mass? my mom gave me 20 to donate so when the old lady came and collect it, as I drop the 20, my other hand got inside the basket and get a 10 and said “sukli!” haha!
- Every afternoon I must take a nap, my yaya and I will have a marathon, I run around the house and she chases me for almost 2 hrs!
- Every afternoon on weekends, my parents would asked me to pluck their white hair. In exchange my parents will give me a peso for every hair I got. I kept some hair from our previous session so for the next weekend… kaching! Hehe
My school in elementary is near the rice field, so my friends and I will run along and play in the “pilapil” and one time I fell from it and I didn’t expect I will fall on a muddy terrain so the mud was up to my chest and I can’t literally can’t get out. Goodthing 2 farmers pulled me out!
- I said my first swear word (son of a b*tch) and didn’t know what it meant before…
- I hide some of my yaya’s stuff.
Everytime I got scolded, I pack my stuff and tell everyone I’m getting out of the house. Then I will stay under the stairs and live there. Haha. Harry Potter style!
We had this pure glass cabinet, I mount to it and fell and shatters on half my body and it was brownout that time. Miraculously I only got a stitch on my knee.
- And lastly typical school brawl, well I was defending my buddy/cousin that time.

So there you go. Nice huh?! I’m not proud on some of those things, but it made my childhood more memorable. I hate it when they only think of you as the kid who’s the school-home type, but they got me wrong. Hehe!

I’ll post something about different chest pains later. Eto muna. =)


mrs.j said...

i was inspired dn by my friend sa pag blog...
o well nkakadik lng din.. hehe

welcome sa bloging world..

nd im looking 4ward sa chest pains post mo..

john said...

childhood memory huh.. i can't remember much of those things, maybe lahat masaya kaya mahirap ma-remember, tama ba yun? hehe.. btw, i put you on my links, i hope you don't mind. :-)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@john - that's nice to know u had a great childhood. naniniwala ko na malaki impact ng kabataan natin sa kung ano tayo ngaun. tnx for adding me in ur link. kelangan ko mapagaralan yan. hehe

Coldman said...

it's nice to reminisce childhood days!Missed those memories! Link kita ha? =)

Dex said...

haha..makulit na bata.

my-so-called-Quest said...

@coldman - tnx po ulit sa pagbisita and considering of linking me. tnx in advance
@dex - hehe, mkulit tlaga. dala ko pa mga kapilyuhan ko upto now. tnx for dropping!