Monday, October 22, 2007


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Our week usually starts with Monday right?! New things to do in the office, new piles of papers in our desks, new lectures in classes, new handouts to read, new laboratory experiments, but same bosses, same professors, same proctors.

I have this attitude that if I start my Monday right, I’m hoping and wishing my whole weekend will be ok. It will be disastrous for me if it went the wrong way. Every subject every day will be affected. Maybe I’ll have mood swings, maybe I’ll skip meals, maybe I’ll try to finish reading something yet I can only digest 3 paragraphs from it. So, every Monday, I make it sure that everything will go smoothly. So how do I achieve that?

1. If I had enough rest/sleep and a good meal last night
2. If I talked to my parents on weekends (they are my problem absorber and comforter, try it!)
3. If I composed myself that tomorrow will be great
4. If i finished my review for Monday's exam
5. I hope that my professor will give a good lecture and has interesting experiment
6. If SHE will be sitting beside me in my class or see HER on the hallway

I was always like this, even if it’s not Monday. I look up to something, something that will inspire the hell out of me. The sad part on this is when something goes wrong. We can’t tell that will happen right? Especially number 4. LOL! All we can do is be prepared, be hopeful but also expect for the worst. So at least you’re ready to take an action or move on.

So are you ready for your Monday?

x's - its already monday here in Manila, 8:20am


Coldman said...

I have a great day! Hope you had too! Welcome to the blogging world! Keep on writing bro!

my-so-called-Quest said...

@coldman - same here. monday rocks! hehe