Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bloody Thursday

Early this morning, I was so enthusiastic of going to school. Aside from that my class is one of my favorite subjects (I took this one from my bachelor’s degree, so it will be a review for me!) and I’ll be with my former section. Not showing-off, but when I was on my Internship at VMMC (veterans) we were trained to be good in venipuncture (blood specimen collection from veins). You will never finish your internship without being superb in venipuncture.

I experienced using flashlight while doing it.

I experienced being threatened by a saliva spitting patient while doin’ it.

I experienced being cursed by an Ilocana while doing it.

I experienced a retired officer doing hand salute while doing it.

I experienced being kicked by a kid in the crotch (cause he was on tantrums) while doing it

I even experienced collecting blood samples in the hand, wrist, leg and foot veins aside from the preferable site which is the forearm. Because we have this rule in the Laboratory that, “you can’t get back from wading without any blood sample”

I experienced collecting blood from the artery. (I’m such a bad boy! hehe)

I even tried to collect blood from myself. (adik!hehe)

Those were the ruthless times I had to go through. I have to admit I made mistakes; some missed shots or sadly did not collect any blood so I have to endorse it to the attending physician.

Midway today, I felt I was the one being extracted. All the eagerness was little by little withdrawn out of my system. Just like the procedure, it felt like I was tightly tied by a tourniquet. As the day goes, it felt like I’m punctured torturously by a needle. Again I was feeling sad.

I enrolled this subject thinking it will be ok and it’ll be a breeze, that it would be easier since it will become a review for me. But little by little, I really felt that I don’t belong. I know, it’s only 3 weeks and it’s not right to make sense out of this. But the feeling of being left out is gradually creeping into me. It’s so palpable, just like the vein you need in venipuncture.

I keep on thinking that it’s just me. I separate myself from them, creating my own little world, separating with my misery and the thought that I don’t fit in.

And just like a missed venipuncture, I hope it will not make a mark, a superficial mark that obviously bleeds deep inside.

X’s – this was last Thursday and just made scratch on my notes. Hehe. I’m ok now, it’s just a mild attack of my misery.=)
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arjay said...

medyo bloody nga, dumugo ilong ko sa last part. hehehe. wag mo masyadong isipin yan, enjoy enjoy lang. ;)

FerBert (Baket ang Gwapo ko?!) said...

lungkot naman, buti na lang ok ka na ngayon tol! =)

Carl said...

u won't gather those experiences elsewhere. hahaha! nourish them.

anyway, my gf (ex for that matter), is also a med stude from up mla, ngaragers din siya palagi. may mga panahong hindi belong, pero keri lang. ganun talaga. if there's one lesson daw na nalaman niya sa med school, ay ito:

don't worry much if you think you don't know something, because what others know now will be irrelevant tomorrow anyway.

hehe, and you can't know everything. 99% ang nmat niya, pero may natatangahan parin daw siya minsan. hahaha.

smile, at ikembot mo nalang. ^_^

LAWSTUDE said...

i hate it when they took blood from me coz i got bruises (melanoma yata yun) everytime from where the needles are inserted. (usually in my arms) pero i have to bear with it for health reasons.

ok lang yan, every job has its own hazards.

Coldman said...

ayaw ko talaga ng kinukuhanan ng dugo, mas gusto ko ako nag iinject(syet ang halay ko)Hahaha!

dean said...

eeew! masakit yan!

sana pwedeng parang weewee na lang din ang pagkuha ng dugo...

- - -

OT: doc, ever since nagstart ka ba mag-med di na ka takot sa dead people?

my-so-called-Quest said...

late reply bros...

@arjay - tnx bro minsan its easy to do that peo minsan talaga u'll have this attacks that u can't even help. parang sasabog. hehe

@ferbert - yup i'm ok now. salamat sa inyo. at least i have some people that i can still talk to. sana di kayo magsawa

my-so-called-Quest said...

@carl - maganda siguro ung ex mo?can i have her number? hehe. minsan ganun nga feeling na minsan parang sa sobrang dami nakainfuse sa utak, u forget the basics. hehe

@lawstude - hey tnx for visiting again!=) i think its hematoma. un ung superficial mark. blood that escaped in the tissue bed. minsan kasi collapsable ung vein kaya prone sa ganun. pero tiis lang, para sau naman un e. hehe

my-so-called-Quest said...

@coldman - hehe. masarap talaga pag ikaw tumutusok. andun ung thrill! hehe. r we thinking of the same thing? errrr... heheh

@dean - natatawa nga ko minsan pag kinukumpara sa kagat ng lamok. hehehe. bubuyog siguro pwede pa! hehe. di po. nung medtech ang first autopsy na napanuod ko sa camp crame, at brutal dun, lagare ginamit sa ulo at butchers knife ung ibang gamit. literally parang karne ang ngyari. hanggang sa veterans bata, matanda, babaeng cadaver for autopsy at nung first year dito ayun si mang boggart! hehe bininyagan namin. as long as u know ur limitations, do not abuse or make fun of ur cadaver. i also hate people taking pictures with their cadaver, picture taking pa sila dun. nakakawalang respeto. and always pray for that soul before and after you study him/her. =)

Aleli said...

wehehe.. nakakatuwa talaga balikan ang mga kalokohan at pagkakamali pagstudents lalo na pag-onduty.. Naku wag kang manlumo jan.. isipin mo na lang lahat ng students nagdadaan jan..

my-socalled-quest said...

@lola aleli - nakikilola na ako. hehe. oo nga grabe ang duty lalo na 24 hours. sarap pumatay pag toxic! hehehe

chase said...

oh my golly! i can never do that!.. nakakatakot.

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