Friday, November 16, 2007

The Ultimate Sacrifice

To reach our dreams and to accomplish every endeavor that we premeditated we make our own sacrifice. We sacrifice the time with our family which we left in the province. How many birthdays and get-togethers of our close relatives we missed? We sacrifice stories to be heard from our old friends. How many laughters and pains did we overlook from them? We sacrifice the playtime with our pets and leaving them. We even sacrifice our own hopes just to give way to someone. We sacrifice and bury ourselves from work or studies but apart from that we are wishing and very eager that it will all end and that you are in your own couch enjoying every bit that you missed.

I know that we have to do all this just to be in that place that we see 10 years after. It maybe hard but you got to be tough.

But there is another kind of sacrifice, the one that you think that you are doing something good but in fact, you made things worst. Awhile ago we were asked to group ourselves into 5 by peers. I am the type that just goes with the flow and if someone will take me, I’ll stay there. It just so happened that we exceeded the maximum member and told them that I’m willing to join other group who lacks a member and told them it would be fine. I found a group but 1 friend from the first, wants to join where ever I was. And two more from the first wants to join me as well. I really found a hard time explaining to them and negotiating to them. And we made this holocaustic change that affects other groups. Our proctor was already making faces and telling us that we have to settle quickly. That was so unintentional and we are a big class from different posse. Good thing that was resolved and we got our topic for our report.

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