Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After Christmas

Yay! It’s a rainy morning after Christmas and inside my room I finally have the time to open my presents. Yey!=] As a benefit of “still” being a student you’ll be able to receive gifts. To be honest I’m really hesitant to get any but it will be an insult to my relatives if I didn’t take them. Nah!! I really enjoyed their gifts. hehehe

First one is this. Yes. A refill to my almost empty Aqua di Gio (from my dad’s niece who works in Paris) thanks ate Ed!

Second is my long awaited copy of the two disk DVD set of HP5! Yey!!from my two Bro’s!

And most gave something to spend! Hehehe

But this post is for my Grandma, she celebrated her 90th birthday yesterday. My Lola’s been through a lot. Half of those 9 decades were most tragic and unhappy experiences but still my Lola shows resiliency. She’s a tough one and you can see in her eyes that she’s really happy to see her Apo’s. I can say that me and my brothers and sister have a deeper bond with our Lola. You see, we really grew up from nothing to having something and my Lola was helping us with our education. Maybe that bond was established not only due to respect but as to what we share to her and we listen to what she has to say. I have to be honest with you guys, I’m not really enjoying the company of my cousins on that side. We have different hobbies and interests. Also, maybe they grew up in the states or they grew up in a different way that’s why I was a bit aloof to them. Also we have a pain in the ass for an aunt in that side. She’s bitchy and all, but because I have to respect my Lola and my mom (all of them are from mum’s side)I have to shut my mouth and control myself of saying something or making a scene. But if I was a mean person or maybe some of you were there (specially yesterday) I’m guessing you will not be able to control yourself. Well, enough of this thoughts.

Lola, happy 90th birthday and I know there will be more years to celebrate. I’ll be your best doctor and I promise I’ll take care of you. Love you po=]

And to my sis, who’s celebrating Christmas in NY with her friends. I know you want to come home and celebrate with us. Same here but I know all your sacrifices will be replace with great things soon. I never said this before but Love you sis!=]


Coldman said...

merry xmas! happy new year na rin.

Pakabait ka. =)


Happy holidays!!!


Good Morning! anw, ikaw si cedeux?

aCey said...

wow, presents! i hope you had a wonderful christmas.

happy new year! :)

chase said...

merry christmas and a happy new year!

wow, 90 years? happy birthday lola...
more power!!

Anonymous said...

hey, i can very much relate to ur couz and aunts and all those stuff about being aloof and not liking them or whathavU. so sad that i dont have anymore lolas (neither frm my mom or dad sides). But we spend time with our grand parents when they were still here on earth b4 their departure in heaven!

Just remember, these keens of yours r der for some reasons, only God knows,hehehe.