Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Double Tag

Kuya krisjasper tagged me the birthday month. I already answered that, but since malakas si kuya kris sakin, I’ll do a different twist of it.

Malapit na ang Chinese New Year so I’m optimistic what the stars will give me this year. I’m fond of reading my yearly horoscope but it doesn’t mean I believe its whole conclusion about what will happen. I am the captain of my ship, this will be just my map and guide.

March 17, 1985

Year of the Ox

The year of the earth rat brings good more good fortune for the steady ox.- Aww! nice intro…

There will be many choices that will lead to success if the ox remains true to the earth nature. Do not follow on paths that seem to lead to easy success. - Hmmm, naniniwala ko na may mga bagay na dapat paghirapan.

While your hard work will begin to bring rewards in this last half of this year, the real success awaits in the year of the ox that is coming. - Yey! Next year na un! Excited aku. hehehe

Attention to romantic relationships will bring harmony but neglect will bring conflict. - Sabi na e. kakatukin ko sya mamaya, magkatapat lang kasi kami ng room sa dorm.

The last few months will feel the influence of the upcoming sign of the ox strengthening and lead to full serenity. Wait until then to make those difficult decisions. - Awww.. serenity! At last.. mamatay na siguro ako...


Pisces thrives through creative transportation and unique social experiences. - Panu yan, anti-social ako, mana kay ferberto. hehehe

There will be changes in the way you develop your inner-self, this year. - Ummm???

Your ability to multitask will continue, as you become involved in more humanitarian projects. - Haha, multitasker talaga ko, inborn na ata un. At least good outcome naman palagi.=] humanitarian???

You have tremendous vitality and courage, and a healthy sense of who you are. - Naks! Laki na ulo! hehehe

You usually put your best foot forward, and are possessed by an innate charm and magnetism.- Hahaha. Un un e!

Your capacity for childlike wonder is a wonderful creative outlet. - Nińo Mulach? Sabagay muka nga ko totoy na may malaking… puso.=]

You also may be tempted to participate in many activities just to be involved for the social aspects of being around fun-loving people. - Fun loving people are great! Isa ko sa mga un. hehehe

Your task is to attempt to make conscious choices in these areas, and to become more aware of your true objectives based on your own values and goals, independent from the approval of others. - Sense of maturity? Me like it!

Find happiness by connecting with your higher self, and by helping people to move closer together. - Hmmmm???

LOVE: Having love, spiritually and security in your relationship is one of your most intimate goals. You are very sensitive to what others say and do. Your emotions and intuition help you translate your sensitivity into compassion through your mystical approach of uniting with another on a higher level. – di ko magets! hahaha

Your sweet intensity, charm and attractiveness lure others to you. – sila na may sabi nyan! Hahaha. Laki na ulo ko, hulaan nyo na lang which one!

This is especially promising around the summer, when you become very interested in the possibility of settling down and having children. – hala, makakabuntis ako sa summer? Sino kaya? hahaha

CAREER: You are very attracted by variety in your career and enjoy having a profession in the arts. You have a natural grace and compassion working with people, and they appreciate and respect your help and wisdom. - Naks, ako kasi ung tipong di makatanggi sa trabaho, kahit ano ata ipagawa oks lng ako ng oks. Hay…

This year will be about learning the best ways to direct this energy to help others. Your insight is grounded in reality and you create harmony in your work, mainly because of having the same purpose and visions as those you collaborate with. - Masaya ko sa mga nakaksama ko ngaun, we have the same goals and endeavors.

For this reason, it is important that the people you surround yourself with share a collective vision and goal. By the end of the year, you may go through many internal changes in the course of pursuing your vision. You are a real powerhouse, and enjoy being your own boss. – wow! Powerhouse. Sabi na nga ba mitochondria ako nung past life ko!

Symbol: the Fish
Ruling Planet: Jupiter / Neptune
Element: Water
Date with destiny: Cancer, Scorpio – paging kung sino man ganito signs! heheheh
Run for the hills: Gemini, Sagittarius – hala!
Where you glow: helping others - naks
What makes you tick: writing poetry – errr???
Play date: going to the theatre – sa madilim na sulok ha.
Perfect jobs: TV producer, bartender – sabi na dapat di ako nagmed!
Destination: Morocco – wow! pwede
Pleasure: romance, helping others, compassion – pleasure na romansa pa daw! sarap!
Pain: reality, mean people, insensitivity
What's my line? Make love not war. – hahahaha! Making love pwede pa!

this one is from ferbert
1. Name one thing you do everyday.
- read! read! read!

2. Name two things you wish you could learn.
- play piano again
- not to be easily affected – naks!

3. Name three things that remind you of your childhood.
- mga laro nung bata pa ko
- tv shows nung bata pa ko
- mamitas ng mangga at kaimito sa bahay ni lola

4. Name four things you love to eat but rarely do.
- nutella!
- pistachios
- kesong puti

5. Name five things that make you feel good.
- faith



U were born same year as my sis..

Humanitarian projects? baka magkaka anak ka na?


cedeux said...

hehe! minsan naiisip ko na
magkaruon na ng anak. sarap siguro ng feeling na may anak=]

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

"Make Love Not War"

hmmm... very noble. :-)

Ako, kung tatanungin ako kung ano ang aking favorite line, ie-echo ko lang ang sinabi ni Miranda Hobbes sa Sex and the City.

What's my line? F**k me! F**k me like there's no tomorrow!!!

Just kidding! :-) teehee

Anonymous said...

@Ceduex, magtapos ka muna bago mo isip yang anak -anak na yan, or better yet manuod ka ng KKK ni juday at ryan (unfortunately d ko pa napanuond yung part 2! mas type ko desperada ala SexInDcT)

Mahilig ka pala mamitas ng prutas, ibig sabihing umaakyat ka ng puno?

cedeux said...

@ruff - hehe, red head rocks!
dati yoko kay miranda pero oks
din sya.

@kuya josh - musta na po?
yup mahilig ako umakyat ng puno
nuon, marami kasing tanim sa
probinsya si lolo na puno kaya
lagi kami dun naglalaro. kamiss
tuloy lalo na pag bakasyon,
mamitas ng mangga! yummm

FerBert said...

napakawalang hiya ko..ako nagbigay ng tags tas wala man lang akong comment.. haha.. napakawalang kwentang comment din to tulad ko.. hahahaha

chase said...

kesong puti? i usually hear that.. but i've never seen that or even tried it. heheheh