Saturday, March 8, 2008

Am I a bully???

When I was in high school I was a typical average student.

You barely even notice me from the crowd.

I’m just your typical silent, carefree to anything type of student.

There was a time I was bullied on my prom practice. (Details not included. hehe)

I almost got into a fight. But the best thing was, I didn’t do anything, I just let them.

Years had passed and tables were turned.

I’m still the shy type and silent, often had the impression of “suplado and masungit”

But if we get along, I’m one of the funniest people you'll know.

But I tend to name names. I admit that, but not on the rude way… I guess.

I still think it’s funny though. I guess I lack sensitivity to those who were a bit sensitive or to those who were into a phase. At least I immediately say sorry to them.

Last week a very close friend got annoyed to me. I know he was, because he tends to do weird things like smoke which he barely does and gets moody.

He was in a phase because of the tons of school work and tons of dreadful attitudes his classmates’ shows (you know how class research work shows everyone’s dark side, lol)

I guess he thought instead of showing some support I even made fun of him.

I said I was sorry and he told me to grow up. (Ouch!)

But at least it was over. I just value my friends so much. And I noticed that for the past week I minimally name names to anyone… except my professors though. Hehe

I got the results on my pre finals on Pharma – I did well… just a little more push and I hope I’ll make it.

I also got my Physical Diagnosis exam result – I nailed it. Hehehe! Wooohooo!

For the last couple of days (Wednesday and Thursday) I slept around 8:30pm and woke up around 11:30pm, I haven’t slept right after that… we had double shifting/unit exams during lunch breaks the following day. Meaning 2 exams and around 6 topics were given to us and no lunch. On Thursday lunch break we had Lab diagnosis and on Friday lunch break we had Pharmacology. I hope sleeplessness will help me pass those exams.

I guess I’m more inspired to study now. Cath just keeps me going and going and going and going. Hehe

Despite our busy schedules we ate dinner together, maybe later we’ll attend mass. I forgot to tell you she’s a lector during mass every Saturday. That makes me want to try choir. Hehehe! The buzz about us in school is a bit annoying. Some unknown people will come to you and ask. But that’s ok… that’s the price of being a celebrity. Lol!


Anonymous said...

re result ng exam: congrats bro, galing!

re naming names: ako rin minsan di mapigil na gawin yan...though alam natin na it's just for fun...we should be more sensitive sa feelings ng iba...di kasi lahat e kayang sumakay...good for you at naiiwasan mo ng gawin yun...

re cath: yan ang maganda sa love-u will always be inspired! <3

re the buzz: ayos yan bro! minsan masarap yung feeling ng pinag-uusapan-feeling sikat!hehehe

my-so-called-Quest said...

aahaha. salamt kuya sa pagdaan.
oo ng e. feeling sikat. hhaha.

chase / chubz said...

You barely even notice me from the crowd. --> ako rin. but once i talk i stand out na.. i dunno. bat ganun..
kaya na pag mag election2x chuva.. hindi ako nag sasalita. coz na elect ako. heheheh.. char!

“suplado and masungit” --> ako rin. ewan ko.. yun talaga ang mga description sa mga silent at gwapo type.. hahahah

congratz on the exam genius!

Dakilang Tambay said...

congrats MK. ang galing mo talga! hihi.. :)

dak said...


FEU ka ba?

Wala kaming physical Diagnosis... Medicine 1 ata sa amin yun e...

wanderingcommuter said...

its natural to get mad if you are provoked. while its annoying to figure out why somebody is mad at you. but the most difficult thing of all, is to confront people asking you about the real deal between someone you like/love. hahaha

arjay said...

i don't call names on my teacher but i mimic their funny habits. (i.e. their long s's, etc.) haha!

parang energizer bunny lang oh...going and going and going... going and going and going...going and going and going...going and going and going... hehe. peace! ;)

LAD said...

pa autograph, celebrity ka na eh haha.

you nailed your physical exams as in they found a nail in your body? hahaha kidding. trying to be corny haha. i guess i dont have to try being one, I am already corny haha.

san pala sa tanza kayo? nung STRAA nung HS jan kami nag quarters sa comprehensive high school haha.

Carl said...

ganyan ka pala doc. hahaha.

suplado ka pala, iritable, and stuff. nkakatakot. baka pag binati kita ng hi pag nakita kita somewhere, sabihin mo, who the heck are u with matching taas kilay churvaness.

tsk tsk tsk...

Anonymous said...

hehehe. Lapit na BIRTHDAY mo! :)


*sori kuya kung anonymous nilalagay ko ah! kktmad mgtype eh. :D


they said suplados and masungits have high IQs.

they said I'm suplado.

others said Im also masungit.


Anonymous said...

Hey doc kid! first, galeng at napasa mo na mga exams mo, tapos galeng ulit at nagkapag dinner na kayo ni missy cath, bonus lector pa pala sya, go for it for d choir!!! :) hehehe

i guess ur one celebrity we know in d blog world!

simply happy for u! coo..

Coldman said...


at kumakanta ka pala?

cedeux said...

@chase - ahaha. ganyan tlaga parnag mathematical equation lng suplado + masungit = wafu! heheh

@mk - syempre inspired e! heheh

@docdak - salamat nakausap kita. hehehe. opo FEU!

cedeux said...

@wanderingcommuter - hehe.. tama ka dun...

@arjay - actor ka pla ha? hehe. yaan mo try ko yan.=]

@lad - i nailed someone physically! hahahah along highway lng kami. malamang sa highskul dun un. malapit kami mcdo!=]

cedeux said...

@carl - syempre sau hindi. may libre pang hug. hehehe

@noime - salamat... isang taon na naman akong nagpacute. aheheh

@kuya kris - mukang ako exception sa rule na yan. ahehheeh

cedeux said...

@kuya josh - salamat po sa pagdaan, naku pag nagchoir ako gusto ko ako yung nangingibabaw. ahahha. juk lng.

@kuyacoldman - kumakant** alam ko kuya. hahahha. juk lng.

acey said...

apparently, you're no bully because you got heart, brotha! hehe.

and i'm happy you're inspired to do well in school!!! god bless with school stuff!

john be anonymous said...

bakit may question mark 'yung name ko sa blog links mo?

Carl said...

aww, ang sweet naman ng aking doktor. may hug pa raw. ^_^

hihi. san mo balak mag-specialize? ano balak mo kunin?

cedeux said...

@acey - may heart po ba? hehehe
salamat sa pagdaan!

@john - un lang ba?

@carl - oo naman may hug=]

di ko pa masyado iniisip un, matagal pa kasi=]

Anonymous said...

lapit na daw bday mo bro.kelan ba?

anyways, happy birthday ced!!! :D