Wednesday, May 14, 2008


To those who dropped by and commented on my last post, Belated Happy Mom’s day to your mom as well! Without them half of our hotness will not exist! hehe

On my last post, I used the automatic posting by blogspot, at first I thought it was complicated. It’s pretty easy. I know you knew that months ago but at least I tried=]. Not that I am lazy but that night, for the first time I went out to with my friends and had a night swimming somewhere in Molino Bacoor. The place is great, you can choose where do you like to stay and its’ quite affordable. All in all I spent at least P800 for the hotel and food.

Not really up to how much I spent but I really enjoyed that night with my high school friends. It’s fun to reminisce and catch up on things. There were irritating moments though, you know when you choose to be private but some pushes you to say things? But what I really enjoyed was swimming then it rained, there were even flashes of lightning. I stayed at the side of the pool, drenched, even though it’s cold. I wished the rain would wash all the revolting thoughts in my head (emo!). And that made me realize despite my trust issues with them, I have to enjoy that night.


My cousin on my father side (ate Len) got engaged last Sunday! Weeeee!

That made me realize there’s only 4 of us in that side of family that’s not yet married or doesn’t have any plans yet. My other two siblings, (my sis and my bro; ate Len’s brother who’s older than her; and syempre… ako! Hahaha!). Ate Len told me since her, her fiancé, and both their moms are youngest in the family, all of the “bunso” will be part of the entourage. Astig diba? I need to go on diet! Waahh!

To Ate Len and Kuya JR… Congrats!



Yesterday I went to Makati Med and accompanied my mom for her lithotripsy. She was diagnosed to have Nephrolithiasis or Renal Calculi at her Right kidney. Renal Calculi is usually caused by deposition or aggregation of solid minerals as solid crystals at . At her CT scan result, the kidney stone has a 1.3cm size. Imagine that?!

What are the symptoms of Kidney stones?

Colicky pain
Hematuria – blood in urine
Pyuria - pus in the urine, fever and chills may occur if accompanied by infection
Rarely, vomiting may occur

Studies suggested that renal stones or stone formation maybe inherited.


My grandmom had stones when she was 40-50 years old.

My mom’s only sister and the eldest had stones.

Two of my uncles had stones, My mom’s brother.

I had kidney stones when I was 6 or 7, about Christmas season and I was in bed, I can’t stand nor lay straight. I’m in a “C” position or in a curled position for weeks. My fault though, I enjoyed drinking too much coke and eating with “patis” most of the time.

Renal stones are recurrent. Once you have it, the greater the possibility that it will develop again, so the best way is to prevent it. How? Modify your diet by drinking lots of water and avoiding salty foods. Increasing potassium intake may reduce stone formation.A high calcium diet does not appear to increase the risk for kidney stones as long as it also contains plenty of fluids and dietary potassium and phosphate. (Increasing calcium alone may pose a modest risk for stones.)

There are different choices for treating stones and it’s better to identify what type of stone you have. Imaging techniques such as ultrasound, CT scan or even X-rays can be used for diagnosis. Laboratory test are also helpful such as urinalysis. Treatment varies as to location and size. As I mentioned, lithotripsy is a non invasive treatment using shock to pulverize the stone. The stone is reduced to small particles, which are then flushed out of the kidneys or ureter naturally during urination. Diuretics can also be used as treatment. Drugs that will help increase the volume of urination flushes minute sizes of stones.

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dean said...

hay! as you know, i have always wanted to be a doctor... pero as much as possible, i don't wanna know anything about my health; moreso, yung mga pwedeng mangyari sa akin...

Belen said...

Thank you for the complete information about Renal Calculi ,it refreshes my knwledge about Nephrolithiasis. its symptoms, diagnostic procedures and tretment. We really need to drink at least eight glasses a day and minimal salty foods.
Our body needs minimal salty food dahil kung kulang tayo ng salt sa katawan,causes HYPONATREMIA naman.

MakMak said...

Swimming tayo Doc! Wahahaha.

saminella said...


pwede ka bang maging personal doctor ko? hahaha.

Anonymous said...

salamat sa info bro.

musta n nanay mo?ibig bang sabihin nun,she will undergo an operation?

veradik said...

hey bro!

nice outing ah! so, na refresh nba ang utak mo? hehehe

...yeah, all ur infos are correct, and ill pray for ur mom for her health.

...ingats palagi!

acey said...

hi, bro!!! my god, i hope your mom's gonna be ok. it sounds like a difficult condition. love and prayers.

Dakilang Tambay said...

wow. doctor na doctor ka na ah. hahaha :)

salamat sa info mk. puntahan nga kita sa bahay nyo at papareview ako ng iba't ibang sakit. hahaha :)

di mo ako sinama sa swimming. sabi mo sasama mo ako. tampo ako sayo.

magtago ka na sa inyo. pupuntahan kita dyan. hahaha


kuya kim?


diary mo na yata to ah?

Coldman said...

doc, hope your mom is okay now.

ang galing naman ng info. =)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@dean - good thing net is available to get some info. pero it's still better to ask a physician kasi kung hindi kung anu ano papasok sa utak mo

@ tita belen - salamat po sa pagdaan. electrolytes such as sodium can naturally come from foods. basta let us learn to limit what we put in our mouth.

salamat po sa pagdaan=]

my-so-called-Quest said...

@kuya mak - sure sure. swimming lang pla=]

@sam - may bayad...

puri at dangal! haha. joke lng. pwedeng pwede. isang ym lng ako=]

my-so-called-Quest said...

@kuya kuri - no prob po
malakas kayo sakin.

@vera - health issues regarding our family is important kaya todo research sa ganyan. hehe

my-so-called-Quest said...

@acey - she's ok now. ayun madaldal na naman. hahaha

@mk - review lng pla. ge ge. para mareview ko patho ko grabe nilalamok na utak ko kaya kelangan magbasa basa na ulit

my-so-called-Quest said...

@kuya kris - yes diary ko eto dahil la ko mapost! hahaah
musta ka jan kuya?

@kuya cold - oks na po sya.
syempre mana ko sau e. haha