Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dorm Dramas

I never thought that I would reach my 100th post. Though I have to admit that there were times I wanted to stop writing. I can’t help myself but write. My blog anniversary’s a month near too and it’s unbelievable that I only made that few posts. I have 4 minimum posts a month and the maximum I think was 9. I know I shouldn’t give you reasons why that happened because I know you already know why. So to compensate let’s get a bit more personal.

My dormitory room has been my company through thick and thin here in med school. There were sleepless nights plus all sorts of happenings that I will not easily forget. (Please don’t think of other things ha! Haha) so I’m ranking my 5 best dormitory events.

5. As the end of the first week of my stay here, I forced my best bud that had his vacation from California to stay here in my dormitory and asked him to wait for me after class then we’ll hit Makati afterwards. I know he read most of my magazines here and what sucks then was I don’t have any laptop and net connection. I bet that was the most boring day of his life or was more of a torture for him. And unexpectedly I ended having ankle sprain that afternoon but that didn’t stopped us from going out. (Good times? I bet you’re reading this! Haha!)

4. Drinking sessions. I stopped counting of how many we had those in here. Especially after exam week. It doesn’t matter how many bottles we will have for that night as long as a drop of alcohol will run to our thirsty and dry mouths. Right after exam week is the result week and that meant more beers for us. hahaha. I even have my solo drinking sessions when I feel senti and emo! Good thing I’m not emo everyday. Last Sunday, my mom saw 2 cans of strong ice in the freezer. She didn’t bother asking! Yey!

3. A surprise visit. I always stay here in the dorm to advance review and read a week before the exam week. I was a freshman then and invited a girl friend since internship days from premed and was my batch mate here to come and review with me. And that time I don’t have an ATM, so my mom and my sister surprisingly visited me that Sunday morning. My friend jumped out from bed and hid herself to the shower curtain. After 5 minutes, I asked my friend to come out. Luckily my mom was cool about it and without explaining a thing; I bet she knows the truth. That nothing really happened.

2. Peep shows and drama kings. You all know that dancing is a stress reliever for me. One time while imitating a step or two in youtube and having a full blast earphones on, I wasn’t able to hear my friend’s knocking so he decided to look out from the fire exit which is overlooking my room. So I had the worst teasing of my life the day after that. I also have 2 more fans from next street who always view my free shows. Hehe. And there was this time that I was so depressed and from school a friend followed me and he knew I needed someone to talk to. And no matter how I hide, he saw my red teary eyes.

1. Do I really have to elaborate on this one? This is pretty obvious. She’s very busy right now and needs to catch up on one of her exams. From our breakfast and dinner moments, to after school talks, playing on our lappies and much more, this room witnessed my happiness and weaknesses.

I confined myself on the four corners of this room and believe it or not, there was never a time that I was bored. That’s how recluse and weird I get. It’s more of a stress for me when going out. Why? Well you have to dress and prep up. I hate waiting for someone or something. I hate people asking so many things that are not necessarily important. Whether you like it or not, you will meet someone who’s annoying, taking all your patience away. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to meet people. I want too but it will take time.

“Look Ma. No stains!”

“This is where the other magic happens! haha”

“Skeletons? Don’t we all have one? Look for Patrick Starr and Pink Carebear"

“These are just props and I hate purple. Look for my college grad pic!”

“A mini kitchen for a mini room”


MakMak said...

Congrats sa 100th post! :P Mahirap magsulat and it's a good thing that you've managed to come all this way. Haha. Happy!

Nice room. Invite ka naman! Ahahah.

PS. Miss... Ahahha

my-so-called-Quest said...

@kuyaMak - salamat=] invite? tara! hehehe. may entrance fee nga lng.

White said...

pedeng sumama kay mak sa room mo? lol

my-so-called-Quest said...

3's a party! ahiii! hehehe

badoodles said...

hafi 100th post. di ko alam kung naka-100th post na din ako. hafi 100th-- or 100++ post din sakin. wohoo!

Juz said...

COngratulations on ur 100th entry! and 100 more!hehe

ako ive lost of track na.. hehe

house party?! count me in!
drinking session na ito!


number 2 in ur list (that dancing thing) was soooooo ________ (you're one of my best blog friends so I wont be mean. lol.)

I was supposed to type dorky but I wont.

anw, as I always say... good luck sa studies.

GODDESS said...

doc! na miss ko tong blog mo, ah!

sarap nga yang namumuhay mag-isa, although minsan mahirap, pero dyan tayo matututo na maging responsable.

ingat lage doc!

my-so-called-Quest said...

@kuya badoodles - oh may gawd!!!dumalaw ka at nagcomment!karangalan po itu!=]

@juz - salamat! katuad ni kuya badoodles congrats to your 100-- or 100++ posts. ehehe

my-so-called-Quest said...

@kuya kris - hindi mo mapigilan a! hahaha. oks lng hot and cute dork naman ako. heheheh

@ate goddess - salamat po! amishu too! hehehe

PoPoY said...

100th post? eh bakit 83 lang nakalagay o?sus ka.lols

i love the dorm. malinis. o nilinis mo lang kasi kukuhanan mo ng pic?

sana maranasan ko din natumira magisa sa isang lugar na pwede kong gawin lahat ng gusto.lols :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@popoy - 100th kaya!ng aaway ka pa. hahaha

masarap mabuhay magisa. pero napakahirap pag nagkakasakit at hindi namomonitor ang kinakain.

Rio said...

congrats sa iyong ika 100-th post!

sobrang ayos at linis ng room mo dok ced..
sumasayaw k pala? hehe..sample naman dyan!=)

ingat palagi doki=)

† Yods† said...

Kongrats sa ika isang daang post! :)

ang liiit ng mga piktyur pano naman mahahanap mga pinapahanap mo? ahaha. at bakit nakatakip yung toilet bowl? may nakatago sa loob nun no? eew. hindi nagflush. ahaha

sobrang linis naman ng dorm mo, di ako mabubuhay diyan, allergic ako sa malinis e. lolz

namiss ko din bigla yung may sarili akong apartment, madami ding magic sa buhay ko nangyari dun. ehehe.

natawa ako sa number 2 mo sa list, ano kayang itsura mo nun at anong sinasayaw mo? ahaha.

Coldman said...

aba! ang dami mo na palang naisulat!

dapat walang ng hiatus! lol!

FerBert said...

mas matanda ako sayo sa blogosphere ng isang buwan pero mas madami kang post.. mulang tanginang alien hanggang kokeymonster wala pang 80.. haha

congrats kuya!

malinis ang dorm mo..

umuuga na siguro yang kama mo no? kaka bang bang bang.. hahaha

yeye said...

ui congrats sa 100th post mo haha

san dorm mo? sa nitz ba yan???? haha nalimutan ko ung name ng dorm sa taas ng nitz eh hahahahaha

oo nga lapit na finals. hahaha. durog na to sa pharma. wahahahaha...

oi bakit di kita nakita sa bulletin board nio? di ka sumali sa pageant nio ahahahahaha tagoinks

go ced!

Leyn said...

ahihi. achievement!

in fairness, panay hiatus pa yan. lol.

icka said...

uuy.. 100th post na xia!! congrats! ako din minsan tinatamad pro minsan di rin mapigilan.

may house party ba? sama naman! para magulo ko ang super organized mong room. :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@doc rio - may bayad ang private show! hahaha

@yoda -OC kasi ko. allergic nan ako sa madumi. hahaha

my-so-called-Quest said...

@kyacoldman - hindi pweeng wala! hehee

@fb - hindi nga? mukhang madami ka ng nasulat ah!

hindi yan umuuga! hahaha

my-so-called-Quest said...

@yeye - hahahah!
syet! alam mo ung nasa photocopy sa baba? napagkamalan akong contestant. sabi ko hindi. gradweyt na ko sa ganun! hahahah
give chance to others! hahaha

@leyn - ahahaha! oo nga diba. ke sipag! magpost. haha

my-so-called-Quest said...

@icka - payag ako kung ikaw lang! heheheh

David Edward said...

as ive told you, one thing that i like about your room is the cabinet. i think all of my clothes will fit into that big one. hahaha..

walk in closet ang gusto ko pag my sarili na kong bahay.. hahaha..

and about the bed, maliit cya.. di ako kasya pag natulog na ko, malikot kasi di ako makakaikot.. hahaha

hindi ako blogger said...

ang cute mo pala. i'm a new visitor dito sa blog mo. actually, wala akong blog. napadpad lang ako rito thru other blog's links.

in fairness, malinis ka sa room. perfect na babuyin ng konti. jejejeje...

sana may friendster ka! :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@david - malikot pala to e pagnatutulog. ako pirme lang sa isang lugar. hehhe gudboy kasi ko! ahaha. connection?

@hindi ako blogger - ahiiii, nakakaflatten naman! ahehehe. pero sa personal nuknukan ako ng kapangitan. heheh

prenster? wala po ko nun e. suri!

Lawstude said...

congrats doc and cheers to the next 100000000 posts.

sorry for not visiting sooner, i am still in my vacation in boracay and it is partly raining here so i got a chance to do some blogging. be back browsing in a jiffy. have a nice day.

Mariacelli said...

Hey, my friends & I are looking for a dorm near FEU med. Can you give us suggestions? :)

ced said...

@kuya lawstude - wala un kuya! uwian mo lng ako ng starfish ha! hehe

@mariacelli - hmmm. mas maganda kung dito ka sa bandang buick side ng FEU. lam mo ba un? mas safe. sa likod ng buick madaming apartments for rent ranging from 6500 and up. magaganda na yung nakita ko. you have your own parking space at malaki sya. kung isang group kayo mas maganda ang apartment less kasi ang gastos and toka toka sa pagdala ng furnitures and appliances. pero ang maganda naman sa dorm e may guard mas safe. try mo Nitz or look up na rin ung mga sumunod na streets dun.

Ely said...

kakamiss ang buhay dorm. for 3 years, i use to share a room with 3 roommates. but later on i preferred being alone.

The Mikologist said...

happy 100th post.

nasan na ang mga kasunod?


jep said...

OC ka ba? siguro OC ka.. parang nakakaramdam ako na OC ka.. tama ba? nabasa ko ata un dati eh.. Gosh, ang room ko eh for OC people din hahaha.. pero i like your room ha.. sakto lang for a bachelor na nag-aaral like you..

Dakilang Tambay said...

wow. 100th post. paburger ka naman jan, hahaha.

ang yaman talaga ni mk, may personal ref. sosyalin

Curbside Puppet said...

wala ngang stains! malagkit at amoy zonrox naman!

beero said...

oi, hapi 100th post naman sayo. hehe.

I even have my solo drinking sessions when I feel senti and emo! -->cheers! ganyan din ako dati eh.

at anong magic naman kaya ang nangyayari sa loob ng CR? haha. well, i'm not gonna invade your privacy dude. LOLS

my-so-called-Quest said...

@ ely - nakwento ko na sau. naranasan ko naman, 6 na babae kasama ko sa apartment nung internship. hehee

bat naman mas gusto mo na ng solo flight?

@mikologist - salamat sa pagdaan at paggreet!=]

my-so-called-Quest said...

@jep - ahahah. nakakaamoy ba ang OC ng kapwa OC? hahaha. juk!

@mk - eto iimbitahan ko talaga to sa dorm ko e! hehe

my-so-called-Quest said...

@curbside - nakikiamoy ka lng. magtiis ka!

@beero - magikolero ko dba? haha

siangelnawalangpakpak said...

nice room =)

hiding the goirl in the bathroom? classic! at bakit mo naman tinago yung girl kung wala naman palang nangyari sa inyo? hahaha...