Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Things That I Will Do

Damn I am tired! Remember my last post about the family get together my brother planned for his and my mom’s celebration? I kept on asking my mom if she invited someone to help. She said, she can manage the cooking. And since my other brother wasn’t here and enjoying his trip in Subic, me and my dad were the only ones left to help.

I don’t mind the helping part, I just wished there was someone else to help us. I started my day cleaning, then around 1 pm I started helping cooking. I was in front of the stove from that time up to 4pm. I jokingly SMSed my 2 brothers that our mom felt dizzy and we needed help. As I expected both of them reacted concernedly and was sorry. As I finished frying I knew that my job is not yet over. I have to set the table and prepare drinks. I then saw my mom massaging her nape and knew she was really tired. I told her to take a rest first, take her blood pressure in 15 minutes and I’ll handle everything.

Around 5:30 pm guests started arriving at our house. Good thing most of them were my cousins. I was preparing drinks then when I saw the dishes started pilling. I told myself of how I miss my Ate so much. I miss her so much cause if she was here she will never leave me in that situation. Or though there might be a lot to do, I know we can accomplish things easily and at the same time we will enjoy. I just kept on saying to myself, “this’ll be over soon!” 3 to 4 hours later, chores declined. My hands hurt so much worst my feet hurts.

The 3 things that annoyed me so much during gatherings and maybe mostly the reasons I don’t want to go out are:
1. people will ask me how med school is and much worst is to be asked, “how many more years will it take before I will graduate?”. (maybe some of them still doesn’t have the idea that I failed)
2. people will tell you and mock you that you effin gained weight!
3. people will say that I have to do the dishes now cause when I become a doctor, they can’t or won’t be able to ask me to do so.
4. lastly, where’s your girlfriend?

I just wished some of them will go home already. But I was glad my favorite cousins were there, I had a good chat with them. If they weren’t here, I will just head directly to my room and lock myself in.

The idea of helping my mom and doing this for my mom are the only reasons I agreed to do that. But next time, I will insist for a caterer or just someone to help!