Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Godfather

I was about to post this yesterday as I came from my Pediatrics class and I can say FOR NOW I am really enjoying the topics. Maybe the hype of having a niece or a nephew (I’m not updated on this one yet) in coming 4 months made the subject more interesting. I also have a niece from one of my cousins and she’s 4 months old now so I was imagining the things that our little Helena can do.

This made me also realize that it’ll be easy for me to have an idea what kind of gifts will I give to my 2 Godsons and my Goddaughter this coming holidays. I’ve been saving you see and since I only have three Godchild I can give an allowance for their gifts.

So here are some of the important milestones that I have to keep in mind.

Sophia Christine is my goddaughter from one of my college buddies. Her dad was the first one from our group to have a child and had the opportunity to get all of us as Godparents. I remembered a post regarding her last August when she celebrated her first birthday. A one year old:
  • Can stand and walk alone (on a toddling gait)
  • Can crawl upstairs
  • Can pick up fine objects
  • Drops and throws toys (casting)
  • Knows and turns to own name (my professor told us that the most commonly used nickname of a child at this age here in Philippines is “baby” and when you’re in a crowd with these toddlers and yell “baby” all of them will look back at you and also she told us that give at least one nickname [for example if each of the family members called the same child with totoy, junjun, pogi, bunsoy or baby] cause kids may get confused daw! nyehehe)
  • Jargons loudly
  • Understand simple instructions
  • Plays pat-a-cake (I guess Appear/Disappear is the Pinoy version of this) or say bye bye

Sam is the son of my other cousin, and they are currently residing in Paris, remember my story about our exchange gift this coming Christmas? Luckily, I got his name as well so I can save money for that and just add a little something for his present. Hehe! While MJ is the son of one of my classmates here in Med School, me and Mj’s dad were friends since first year and when he told some of us that we will become godfathers, I was kind of surprised cause it’s just been a short time since we knew each other. But isn’t it cool to have all of your Godfathers and Godmothers are physicians? Hehe! Sam and Mj are both 2 and a half, and based from what I recalled yesterday, a 2 year old at least can:
  • Run and do squat
  • Climbs on furniture
  • Walks upstairs (but not using alternating steps)
  • Sits on a baby tricycle (not driving it yet)
  • Could at least build 6 cube tower
  • Scribbles spontaneously
  • Can turn a page of a book
  • Can use 50 or more recognizable words and put simple sentences together
  • Refers to self by name
  • Can point to body parts
  • Spoon feeds
  • Has make believe play

I hope these things can help me decide and make my shopping easier. They say it’s practical just to give a toy or money as a gift but I guess we must make sure first of the development of these kids’ skills, health and intelligence which are far more important than materialistic things. For the past couple of years when I give a gift, at least I make sure I have thought of it well. I just hope I won’t end with a teddy! hehe



Oh em gee...

and I have more than a dozen godkids... I might fly to Africa and stay there til Xmas finishes. lol.

my-so-called-Quest said...

hahahah! nagtatago! madaya ka kuya!
sasabihin ko nandun ka! hahah
iba ng from UK! hehe

Ely said...

galeng, talagang nasundan ang paglaki ng inaanak! Ako, eto hanap din ng panregalo sa mga inaanak ko. hehehe

ponCHONG said...

ang mahirap lang sa inaanak kapag pasko pati magulang namamasko.

happy xmas doc.

ced said...

@ely - hindi pasimple nagrereview ako! hahaha

@kuya ponchong - subukan lng nila! hahaha.
happy christmas kuya!

FerBert said...

apat na inaanak ko pero magtatago pa rin ako.. haha

wag ka munang mambubuntis.. saka kung sakali man wag mo akong kukuning ninong.. barat ako.. haha

gillboard said...

Sa dinami ng mga inaanak ko, di ko na maalala lahat sila.

Siguro out of 15, 6 lang ang nakikita ko regularly.

ced said...

@fb - wala pa sa plan ko yun! hehehe. pero di natin masabi dba? di ka lang pla malibog, barat ka pa! nyehehe

@gillboard - kasi mukha ka raw mabait kaya nakukuha kang ninong. magsuplado ka daw next time! hehehe

panu kung pumunta sila sau lahat this season? hala ka! haha

Lawstude said...

i have to say i envy you on having only 3 godchilds. (i lost count already on how many i have). but i do treasure the fact that their parents trust me to be their godfather. kaya lang dami talaga nila kasi bawal tumanggi pag kihuha ninong di ba?

GODDESS said...

dati, i remember, hindi ako fan ng mga bata. hehehe.. then nagka-anak ako so, narealize ko na kids are amazing! they are truly a blessing


teresa said...

wow! ang bait mo namang ninong at talagang pinag iisipan ang ibibigay sa inaanak.

sabagay 3 pa lang,ewan ko na lang pag dumami yan, malamang pagtaguan mo na rin.lols!

p.s- gusto ko gold ang ribbon nung "gift" mo sakin ha? lols!

RJ said...

Mabait na Ninong! Ako parang hindi pa talaga nakapagbigay sa aking mga inaanak! Ilan na ba sila?! Di ko na matandaan ah! Parang anim na?!

Babawi ako, nakonsensiya ako nitong post mo, Doc ah.

Coldman said...

wow! ang generous naman ni Ninong!

Meryl said...

Andami ko nang inaanak, hindi ko alam kung ilan. Hehehe.

Rio said...

galing naman at talagang pinag iisipan ang regalong ibibigay sa inaanak...ako nga, di ko alam kung ilan na inaanak ko sa dami e..hehe

siangelnawalangpakpak said...

i have a few classmates from medical school who have kids and i've noticed that they always have the developmental milestones memorized better compared to the rest of us single childless ones.

no wonder based from experience yun.

thank god for board review. i have an excuse to say i don't have the time to go shopping for my godchildren. halos lahat, i owe you lang until after february.

cyndirellaz said...

wow naman swerte ng inaanak mo ah! pa link naman!! ^_^ i have added you to my links too!!

ced said...

@kuya lawstude - yup kuya. lam ko baal tumanggi sa mga blessings. ahehehe. un din naramdaman ko, o be trusted...

@Ate godess - dati rin ganun ako! ahehe. pero ung isa kong pamangkin. one time umuwi ko galing duty and first time nya ko makit, nagpabuhat na sa akin at hindi na bumitiw the whole time na nandun ako. hehehe

ced said...

@tere - ahaha, di naman siguro. naglilista na ko ng nmaes. hehe

riboon lng? e ung gip ko? yaw mo?

@kuya Rj- wow, mukhang mnadami ka ng inaanak. nasa bansa ba naman ng mga aussie si ninong. hehehe. naki ninong na rin daw!

ced said...

@kuya coldman - kanino ba naman ako mana? syempre hindi sau. ahehehe. juk kuya!=]

@meryl - kung kanikanino ka ba ksi nagpaanak e. ay mali! hahahhaa

gip ko ninang?

ced said...

@doc rio - aba, pagka ako nagkaank, dapat may dentisit din ang ninang! hahahaha

@siangel - nako, Godbless sa exams mo ha. kaya mo yan! pahiram po ng reviewers ha. hehehe

ced said...

@cindy - naku, sa kagustihan ko ng maedit yang blogroll ko kasi dami na nagpalit like ate godess and tere, sana maedit ko a yan para madagdag na kita. sira kasi ung site nila. salamat sa pagadd!=]