Friday, March 20, 2009

Heto na Naman

It’s that time of the semester again.

Students cramming and taking extra time to do last minute projects.

There are researches being revised for the nth time.

Photocopy machines overheating since students were too lazy to do their own notes.

Piles and Piles of handouts and books that is needed to be reread.

Hay buhay finals!

At syempre para sa akin, EXAMS = HIATUS!

Hehe. See you next next week!

Samahan muna kayo ni…

Maja Isabel!



Thadie said...

Godbless on your finals Ced :-)

yeye said...

bleh. kami tapos na ang finals. alam ko na rin grades ko..except sa asian civ! lols.

Godbless kuya doc :) kabugin mo na lahat ng subjects ahkei :)

malapit ka na ba sa internship???

hehe wala lang.
happy birthday
aww aww.

RJ said...

Kahit pressured sa exams, etc. si Doc Ced, talagang ramdam na ramdam ang kanyang tuwa dahil, sa wakas (?), tito na siya.

Good luck sa exam Tito Ced!

gillboard said...

good luck Tito Ced!!!!

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Allen Yuarata said...

ako tapos na. Pero start ulit ng summer class. haha. Goodluck!