Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh F*ck I’m 24

I’m feeling nauseous as I type this post,. Not that I don’t want to get a year older because I can’t do anything about that. And besides, it’s cool to accept your age. It’s just a number. At least I look like a teenager. Hehe

So here it goes…

Oh f*ck I’m 24… another year passed and what happened to me? Still struggling in med school… Adjustment period is over kid. But I know every year is different from the other. So if there’s a change, you need to adjust. I still have a long way to go. I hate studying to be honest. But I’m willing to learn. There is a difference… (Right Soleil?)

Oh f*ck I’m 24… And I’m a bit afraid, especially when a medical situation happens to my family. That sometimes my family is depending on my decisions. It never came to me that someday my opinions will matter to them since I’m the youngest. I’m afraid to make mistakes. And in our profession, there is no room for one. It so happens that I witnessed something recent to my mom. I know someday I will make big decisions and I pray that I have enough knowledge and a better judgment then.

Oh f*ck I’m 24… And I feel old. I know most of you will say I’m still young and still have a lot to go through. But that’s how I feel… hmmm

Oh f*ck I’m 24… and what does this new year will offer to me?

Oh f*ck I’m 24… And I wish I will lessen my cursing! There are days that I can’t help not to do so and this is one of the thing I’m patiently practicing. Wish me luck

Oh f*ck I’m 24… and why did I became a cynical and an aloof person? Good thing I can address my negatives and I’m trying to work on it.

Oh f*ck I’m 24… and still looking for that someone and that stable relationship. It’s hard to be alone sometimes and I just wish I can share my life with someone (seryoso yan ah). I know she’s just out there.

And to finish this post, I’ll share this music I’m currently listening. (Click play at left side)

Macy Gray - Don't Forget Me

In the wintertime
Keep your feet warm
But keep your clothes on and don't forget me
Keep the memories
But keep your powder dry too

In the summer by the poolside
While the fireflies are all around you
I'll miss you when I'm lonely
I'll miss the sunshine too

Now don't forget me
Please don't forget me
Make it easy on me just for a little while
You know I think about you
I hope you'll think about me too

When we're older a little slower it doesn't matter now come on get happy
'cause nothing lasts forever but I will always love you

Now don't forget me
Please don't forget me
Make is easy on me just for a little while
You know I think about you
I hope you'll think about me too.