Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well, Hello There...

Mood: slightly perplexed

Why do we always open those old boxes were we kept our memories, rereading those letters that were written in those cheesy pads, rechecking old pictures where you wish Photoshop was already invented and even looking to those old gifts. Sometimes, it’s fun to reminisce such memories since those are the things that you kept and brought you so much joy. Maybe those memories are the once that changed your life, turned it 360 degrees. Or maybe those memories are the once that keeps you sane now.

But reminiscing is not a good reason for as to dwell so much in the past. That’s the reason why do we need to move on. But how can you say you really moved on? How long will it take? Does it have a deadline?
But seriously, this is not about moving on, I just needed an intro. Hehehe. But I’m torn between coming or not?

I marked my calendar as of this afternoon. November 7th is the date, and that’s Saturday. Will I come?


engel said...

reminiscing is okay, just as long as you don't live too much in the past. take the good things you've learned and just live.

Lawstude said...

it is always hard to move on but we have to. with lessons learned and aspiring for better things to come.

PoPoY said...

kelan naging madali ang pag move on?

eto lang yan dok eh, at least may memories ka, masakit man o masasaya, ipagpasalamat mo :)

white said...

there's nothing wrong with reminiscing but just like what @engel said, don't dwell in the past. Moving on would not be possible without acknowledging that there is a past. :)

and what about Nov 7?

yeye said...

akala ko pa naman makakakuha ako dito ng tips bout moving on.LOL

kuya doc ikaw ay nagbalik!

nu meron sa nov 7? :)

marry said...

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Camille said...

angdrama naman nito! hehe pareho tau.. apir! :D musta na?? benign na ko ulet for 2 months! kaya lang lapit na revalida... kelangan magaral!!