Saturday, June 19, 2010

For my Dad

They said, that when we grow up, we probably be like our parents.

I’ll probably be my dad!?! :O

Actually I think what they meant was, we will inherit some of our parents mannerisms, and/or probably disposition.

I’ve never been close to my tatay before. In fact, like me, my two brothers are more close to my nanay. My sister on the other hand is my tatay’s favorite, “her unica hija”. But that changed, I think, after I graduated from my premed course. We always have funny conversations and sometimes I accompany him in his farm. Nagkakasundo din kami pag binibiro ung mom ko. :D

Unlike any other dad-son tandem, we never shared a sport. We never played basketball together nor golf (lol!). What we usually share is political point of view, where we always talk about current and past administrations. We also have this common factor, he is his mother’s favorite, and me her favorite grandson. :D

We sometimes argue, especially regarding his health. I know, sometimes I act like a paranoid regarding his diet (he’s not diabetic but we monitor his blood sugar). You know old people’s attitude towards having a general check up, more so in visiting hospitals.

He sometimes acts like a child, especially when he never gets what he wants or when we’re controlling what he eats. He sometimes walks out or stays in their bedroom. Nagdadrama lang. A little later, he’ll get something in the fridge!

But other than that, I love my dad. Though he may not read this, I want to thank him for every sacrifice he made for us. I’m not making a promise but I’ll do my best to behave and not over control him health wise.

Happy Father’s Day Itay!

Fun facts about my dad:

1. He’s a Retired Naval Officer.

2. His ring finger was severed in half due to an accident. (naipit kasi ng pinto so it was surgically removed!) lol.

3. My tatay is a better cook than my mom!

4. He loves our dogs! Imagine feeding them karne norte everyday!

5. At home, he usually eats using his right hand. I do the same thing. :D

6. He makes palusot when we caught him watching soft porn in films. Lol

7. He’s a good baby sitter. He can take care of my pamangkin/inaanak by himself. He’s probably trained by taking care of me and my siblings.

8. He stopped smoking for us. :D

9. Even if he was a Naval Officer, my dad only rode a naval Ship 3-4 times. Lol! He’s actually a training Officer/professor there.

sa lahat ng Dad dyan at mga dad nyo rin, Happy Father's day!


Nimmy said...

ang sweet mo naman kuya! awwwww.

happy father's day to your dad!

my-so-called-Quest said...

@nimmy - thanks! sa dad mo din! :D

gillboard said...

happy father's day sa dad mo doc ced!!!

ghienoxs™ said...

happy fathers day to your your love to him dude.

my-so-called-Quest said...

@GB - sa dad mo din:D

@hhienoxs - salamat sa pagdaan. sa dad mo din. happy father's day! :D

arkin said...

how sweet naman. lucky boyfriend, este dad to have a son like you.

Nimmy said...

anong thanks thanks? gusto ko ung tumbler!

tumbler! tumbler! tumbler!


have a blessed Sunday! :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

@arkin - lol. bf pala ha. :O

@nimmy - hahah, thanks tlaga! :P

yeye said...

happy father's day to your tatay.

ikaw kelan ka ba magiging tatay?

my-so-called-Quest said...

@yeye - malapit na. hehehe

FerBert said...

baka naman pwede akong maging aso nyo. karne norte. sosyal!

anteros' dominion said...

ang sweet!

ardee sean said...

happy father's day sa yo at sa lahat ng tatay... :P

Popoy Inosentes said...

ohhh sorry nakalimutan ko, HAPPY FATHER"S DAY sayo boybits. kamusta naman ang mga anak mo? LOL

belated happy father's day to your dad.

huy oh, may gusto yata sa iyo si arkin LOOOOOOOL!!!!

my-so-called-Quest said...

@fb - mas malulugi ata kami pag ikaw naging bantay namin? hehehehehe

@antero - ikr! hehehe

my-so-called-Quest said...

@Ardee - sa dad mo din! hehe

@popoy - langya ka! hahahaha. kaw kaya ung mga anak mo!

si arkin ay may syuta. sumbong kita! hehe

Anonymous said...

Kami sa bahay, bare hands pag kumakain. Syempre may serving spoon naman.

Pag may bisita, kelangang magkubyertos. Haha!

I believe more dads are better at cooking than our moms. :D

my-so-called-Quest said...

@chichirya - naimagine ko na walang serving spoon, oo nga namanparang eww. haha

ganun din kami ni dad pag may bisita, table manners agad! heheh

kaya siguro nagpapractice na ko magluto for my kids? :D

Anonymous said...

Naks, kids. Ayus yaaaan!

my-so-called-Quest said...

@chichi - haha. kids tlaga dapat. >5! hehe

shenanigans said...

ang sweet ng entry mo for celebrating fathers day... love ett!