Friday, June 18, 2010

May Pauwi, May Paalis

So how do you usually end your week?

I know most of you are party people :P

Mine is a Grande Iced White Choco Mocha which I sip while taking my ride back home here in Cavite. Then later, enjoy Friday night dinner with my family. We had sinigang kanina! Far better than the cereals that I usually have every night at my dorm. Hehehe! When I start my week kasi, I always think of what will I do for that coming weekend. Para naman mainspired diba? :D

Next month to be exact, I’ll be home alone for a month or two every weekend. I’m actually happy for my brother and my parents who are first time tourists and will actually visit my sister in the City where concrete jungle dreams are made of. :D

Dahil excited ako sa pagbakasyon nila, excited din akong gumawa ng list ng mga ipapasalubong nila sa akin! Haha

3 NY Starbucks Tumbler

2 Kenneth Cole belts

1 Kenneth Cole wallet

1 wristwatch (kahit ano!)

1 backpack (preferably eastpack)

Ano pa ba? Hahaha!

Basta I’m excited na makagala naman yung parents ko. They both deserve everything. After all those years ng pagpapalaki sa amin, it’s our turn to pamper them. :D

X's - It’s one of the best news I heard or actually witnessed.

To that person, you know who you are, I’m so happy that you surpassed that situation. With that, I know it made you stronger and more empowered. I told you good things happen to good people. :D


beero said...

first comment to? akalain mo yun! hehe. buti ka pa uwi ng cavite this weekend. ako baka next week pa. inuman sa tanza w/ my kumpares. hehe. enjoy the weekemd dude!

gillboard said...

party tayo sa inyo minsan. hehehe

Nimmy said...

why 3 tumblers? ibibigay mo ba sa akin ung isa? hahahaha

my-so-called-Quest said...

@beero - first nga

@GB - haha, ikaw ang magoorganize?

@nimmy - me pagbibigyan lang :D

gillboard said...


yeye said...

ayan na naman pinaalala mo na naman ang starbaks.

David Edward said...

magpabili ka ng LV! or ng Hermes na belt.. hehehe :p