Monday, November 5, 2007

A Man’s Right to Splurge!

It’s six past ten in the evening, both my leg muscles are so painful, if they can shout D*mn You!!!, they will. Yeah, I’ve been strolling and window shopping today. After waiting for so long for our turn to the lady in the registrar we decided that we had enough and its time to spend! Every enrollment my parents knew I had some kickbacks from it. So they add some cash for my tuition on purpose. I used to trick my parents and add “some” for my tuition before but now that my fee is twice than before I’m so guilty and my conscience can’t bear it. I’m glad they still give me extra though. =) Chad and I hailed a cab to Trinoma.

I had my (yes!?!) first facial. When the lady on scrubs asked me “when was the last time I had a facial?”. At first, I was thinking of lying to her, but like a word vomit I end up saying “my face is still a virgin!”. Hehehe. For a first timer, have to say I enjoyed it and was relaxed except for the pricking part. I thought I can tolerate the pain coz’ I had 2 minor operations and 4 wound sutures but that part made me cry. Hehe. (things we do for vanity nga naman!). The process took us 2 hrs and I give 4 out of 5 stars on that clinic. As of now, I still can’t wash my face. Arrrgghh!!!

I was looking for good black shoes for my uniform and we ended up in Landmark. We literally checked every shoe in every stall. It’s quite irritating actually when all the salesperson follows you and been attending you. I saw 3 good pairs and plans to go back there tomorrow.

I was also looking for a purple polo shirt. I saw a very pricey but looks actually good one in Giordano. It’s plain but it goes well with my other pants. So, I’ll see that one on my cabinet tom! Hehe

Now all that strolling made us sooooooo hungry, we actually ate trice. For our dinner, we ate at WorldChicken and I ordered pesto cream and cheese muffin with chicken fillet and Chad had an asian pasta and macaroni salad with the chicken. We then have a frap and cinnamon rolls at you-know-where! And I had a quezo scoop on Pinoy Sorbetes. Yuuummm!

I think I need a haircut and go back for those goodies at Trinoma. So, do you want to see me? I’ll be there at around four pm! Hehe. No kidding. I’ll be there.

Do I sound like a show-off or what? Well, to be honest, I was doing all of that to set my mind off on what’s going ahead of me. I’m going back to school this Wednesday. I remember this excerpt btw. “We are reviewed everyday. Most of people criticize someone even miles away from them and all of us do it, we judge and we get judged. But in the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what do they say and have to say about us, what really matters is the review we gave to ourselves.”


Anonymous said...

wow, a shopping spree, gud thing ur already prepared to go back to school! So where did u have ur facial again? hehehe

bob said...

never had facials. ever. san ba yan? malusob nga over the weekend, pangtanggal stress. hehe. I need to de-stress!!!

john be anonymous said...

bad, kick back sa TF, bad... tsktsk...