Saturday, November 3, 2007

We Need a Good Laugh! part une.

Everytime i see these ladies on TV or in Movies, i can't even wait for their punchlines or even just a single body movement. really makes me laughing so hard. now i salute these ladies and here are my top 7!

7. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

these 2 are from Saturday Night live. they also appeared alongside with lindsay lohan in mean girls. Amy played the hard-boob and feeling-teen mom of Regina George while Tina played the over-pushing divorced Ms. Norberry.

6. Mo Collins

this lady is from MadTV. i remember watching this on tv and i literally fell off my chair. hahaha! i think i saw Mo on a flick but i can't remember the title. i also like it when she played as Stewart's Mom and the retarded Tina.

5. Molly Shannon

Now this lady was from SNL as well. i remember watching this flick 3 months ago. She also made an appearance with drew Barrymore in never been kissed as Anita. she also appeared in Sex and the City and Will and Grace. i have to post this 2 videos and tell me what can you say. hehehe

4. Stephanie Weir

She's one of my favorites in Madtv. from dr. kylie to dot and yes, the late anna nicole. stephanie is just naturally funny and her facial expressions are the best!


crazed_heck said...

tina and amy are hilarious...its sad that tina has left SNL because she produced and starred in 30 rock...

nwe thanks sa visit...ill add you up...exlinks tayo if you dont mind...

scarlet mirage said...

stephanie is frikkin' awesome dude!! she's my fave too! haha! everytime she plays a role, hnd mukhang corny, unlike others na parang OA na.. being a comedienne is au naturelle' for her. i love her. hihi :D

Fer Bert said...

I LOOOOOOOOOVVEEEEEE Molly Shannon.If I'm not mistaken That clip is from her movie Superstar with Will Ferrell. It's so funny kase they were like in their 30's pero they're portraying a role of higschool girls and boys.

my-so-called-Quest said...

wuyp tnx for checking my blog!
@crazy-yup sad tina left SNL. but i also watch 30 rock.nakakatuwarin sha dun. but i also like the new mainstays in SNL. i'll link u ASAP! tc bro.

@scarlet - stephanie's face is already funny! hehehe. d' best tlaga sha. i hope u'll like the remaining top 3! i'll post them soon.

fer bert! ur yaya's boobs are just priceless! maganda ba yun? can i have her number? pero, tinakpan mo ung mukha? hmmmm??? yup that clip was from superstar! hahaha. i was looking for the one when she was muttering prayers. heheh. tc bro!

LAWSTUDE said...

Funny ladies indeed.

Thanx for adding me up. I have linkd u also in my blog. Hope its ok.

my-so-called-Quest said...

lawstude - tnx for the drop bro! tc! thanks for linking! =)