Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dim-witts and PromoBoards

Recently I heard a “tsismis” about a group of freshmen who paid P11T for a copy of their final exams in one of their subjects. I don’t know if it’s true but come on; I paid my dues when I failed last semester! Shouldn’t this people pay their dues as well? If this is true I hope they get KO (kicked out). That’s the most stupid thing to do and a very stupid excuse of not studying. And you are here in a MedSchool, pursuing a very dignified career; didn’t you just tarnish your credibility? Tsk tsk tsk!

And because of this, there was a memo sent by the dean, insisting to maintain a very high passing rate, including to us sophomores and not using a curve in determining passing grades. And lastly, all exams shouldn’t include recall questions from previous exams. F*ck! That was like 30 items bonus in every exam.

I also heard the dean fired the person who works at the mimeograph (the one who makes copies of the exams). That is just a horrible shame and all of us are suffering from that utter stupidity.
How did they get caught? I asked a freshman and said that the group who got the copy has very unconvincing scores, where professors doubted. Scores almost the same as what the scholars usually gets. It was said that the “cheaters” were at the bottom of the batch’s ranking. In my conclusion, someone squealed… someone who didn’t get a fare share of the copy. hehehe

Hay, please people! Grow up! We are not in highschool, this is a post Graduate course and some of you are maybe licensed. Act professional! Please!!!

Promoboards short for Promotion Boards is what most med students here are waiting for. When we were freshmen, there was a roster of names where people pass all subjects and promoted to 2nd year, another roster of names are people who still need to complete some exams. And lastly a roster of names who need to see the Coordinator immediately – it’s a list where you don’t wanna see your name. Sadly this year, for us 2nd year, you have to look by department, unlike last year there’s only one bulletin board for that. And unlike last year, when your name is not in the roster, it’s either you passed or failed. You have to figure out on your own if your scores are higher or lower than the person listed to take the completion.

Wish me luck guys and I hope I can completely enjoy my vacation.


Anonymous said...

kayang kaya mo yan bro!!!
gudluck gudluck gudluck!!!

Coldman said...

naku, kaw pa?!

ilang beses na ba akong nag congrats?!

cedeux said...

@kuya kuri - salamay. ang kulit ko na no?

@kuya cold - hehe. oo nga e. sana oks na=] salamat=]

dak said...

that was stupid... i agree, we're already post-grad students! why would they do that? that's soooo desperate! i mean, why not just study? it will surely benefit them. how are they going to diagnose their future patients if they were cheaters during med school. i mean for sure, they will not knoe what to do because they didn't study... if you study, you aren't just doing it for the exam but for your own self. eryt? that's really just plain stupid mentality... aren't they afraid they might wrongly diagnose a patient soon?!

in our case, we hafta visit every department to see our grades, we don't have the promoboards you are talking about...

hay, this post changed my mood...

g'luck dude! yakang-yaka mo yan!

jep said...

my goodness, kaw pa? of all people babagsak? haha.. no way!! sa bawat paghihirap may kapalit na sarap. sa ngaun hintayin mo na lang ung sarap... at sawa na nga ako sa kaggoodluck eh, kasi mukhang kayang kaya mo na.. dapat ang sinasabi ko na nga eh congrats!! congrats!!! cheers.. hehe


naks, may thank you jan sa gilid. para kay cath?

anw, grabe sa pinas, nabibili ang test.. yung 2006 NLE test, yun pati sister ko na walang leakage nag retake. buti na lang nakapasa pa rin.

Ely said...

common practice na to dito sa Pilipinas, tsk tsk.. anyway Goodluck sayo bro!

chase / chubz said...

if you really really want to become a good doctor (or any profession)
you would'nt resort to cheating..

mnel said...

ced! goodluck! sana makalusot ka rin. konti na lang... kaya natin to. ^_^

yung friend ko may kinuwento sa akin na ganyan na nangyari sa school nila nung undergrad sila. malaking issue rin dahil malalaking tao ang involved. grabe no? money talks!

may mga bulong-bulungan din akong narinig of someone sleeping with a professor to reap all of the benefits. ewan ko kung totoo. super off nun. makapanindig-balahibo lalo na kung matandang professor ang involved.