Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Sad Thought

Can you really say you’ve been a good friend? We know friendships are unquantifiable. We cannot easily measure and recall what we’ve done good to that certain person. We don’t want to sound and look like we’ve been counting what we’ve done to them right?

But what really made friendship click is not just the time you laughed out loud or shared a common thing or two. It’s not only the times you shared problems and listen to ones complaints. And as what I repeatedly say, it’s not measured by how long and how much you know about each other.

I truly value a friend when he or she knows how to respect.
Respect on your space and silence.
Respect that he or she should never shared explicit details of your life.
Respect the value that he or she shouldn’t shared your secrets to anyone cause you gave your complete trust to them.

I was completely annoyed to this one when s/he made fun of a thing that I did or do. I know I was a bit sensitive but that person should be aware that I could even hear him/her telling details of what happened and shortly heard giggles. It’s not really an issue but I really wished s/he didn’t do that. I just said “wow, salamat ah!”

After class I went back to my dorm, I asked myself what the hell I did wrong to deserve that. Wherein fact I’ve been good to them. I don’t want to account any details but some of us have the self-sacrificing attitude towards our friends. I guess being far away from our families; we have the thought that our friends are the closest thing of having one.

The most frustrating that can happen or did actually happen when you’re considered friends don’t have any support to any decisions you make. They may either be angry to you or tell you things you don’t want to hear. You don’t want their approval right? You just wanted their opinion.

The reasons why do I have trust issues… I can say I have few real and true friends. I also have attachment issues but that’s another story. hehe

I’m not saying that they have to change for me. But I believe a little sensitivity won’t hurt. I’m not saying that they should act like me, but a responsible act will do. I ‘m not saying they should speak and think like me, because I don’t want them to be boring like me.

I guess this explains why I prefer to eat alone. Or better stay in y dorm room.

Good thing I got high marks from my two other exams to deviate my thoughts! Cheers!


FerBert said...

di ko alam kung mabuting kaibigan nga ako pero sigurado akong naging mabuting kaibigan ka sakin kuya..

ngiti naman dyan..
wag na malungkot..

ced said...

@FB - nyalamat utol. =]


hey, unfortunately this is life and not sweet, dreamland! you'll encounter some assholes occasionally; but as long as you know you are better off (than them), in your mind, you can always wish for them to REST IN PEACE and hope they'll burn in hell.

MakMak said...

Those people are not worth your time. Shake 'em off. LOL.

Suplado ka ha. Pft.

gillboard said...

the secret to happiness is lowered expectations.

you expect too much from friends, and get disappointed if they fail to do what you expect them to do. that's just fair, pero ako i just let my friends surprise me when they do something special.

ika nga, hope for the best, but don't expect too much.

Kyogre said...

in semantic studies, putting he/she and him/her must mean something, not just totally about being politically correct.

are you hiding something, doctor?

Rio said...

doc ced, naandito naman kami e..wag ka ng malungkot!..tara kain tayong 2 sa jabi..hehehe

congrats for having a high score on ur exams...kip it up!

ced said...

@kuya kris - awww...
hayaan ko na lang yun kuya. i hope i can forget that one easily

@kuya mak - yeak kuya. got to do what's best for me... hehe

ced said...

@gilboard - i guess i expected too much.

@kyogre - do i really need to explain myself? may ganung level? haha.

some close friends read my blog and i don't want to drop any clue. is that explanation good for you?

ced said...

@doc rio - salamat po=]

dak said...

for me, great companies requires that we have same interests. There are people whom you are allergic with and if I am allergic to a person, then I would avoid them.

Qualifying them in terms of being true friends really depends on trust factor.

So far, I think I haven't encountered assholes yet as what Kris just said.

ced said...

@doc dak - siguro we have the same attitude naman in some ways. or pwede din akong masyadong sensitive.

kelan libre mo ah?

beero said...

sino ba yon at nang mabugbog ko? hehe. wag kang mag-alala marami ka namang true friends sa blogosphere. mga gwapo pa. uhummm...

congratz nga pala! sabi ko na yakang-yaka mo exams eh. nagbunga ang pagha-hiatus mo. cheers!

Dakilang Tambay said...

hayaan mo magiging isa akong tunay na kaibigan basta ba bigyan mo ako ng papaya nyo. haha. joke lang mk. :) bsta dito lang ako if you need me :)

ponCHONG said...

ugali ko din yan.

better to be alone than to have a bad companion. (yaks! that's very classic)

Leyn ♥ said...

not because you label them as "friends", you're forced to get along with them.

wag misyadong disappointed,
you're capable of being loved by EVERYONE.

sayang ang mala-jc de vera mong mukha, kaya ngiti ka lang dyan. hehe.

PoPoY said...

nagulat ako ng tawagin ka ni fb na kuya. ay oo nga pala magkasing edad lang pala tayo doc ced.

hindi ko masasabing mabuting kaibigan ako sa mga kaibigan ko. pero tinatry ko ang lahat ng mabuti para maging mabuti din ang relasyon naming magkaibigan.

ndi din natin siguro maiwasan yung nagawa ng kaibigan mong yun, tanga lang sya kasi ndi nya naisip na naririnig mo pala yung mga kinukwento at tsinitsismis nya.

ikaw na humusga sa akin kung mabuti akong kaibigan doc ced! :D

Lawstude said...

i guess there really is no permanent friend. just a permanent blogger.

ced said...

@beero - maraming trye friends... pero isa lng gwapo... ced name nya. hehehehhe

salamat salamat!

@mk - mk papaya lng pla katapat mp. pampapupu un. hehehe

ced said...

@kuya Pnochong - ganyan ata tayong mga wafu. hehehe

@bb, leyn - nako na[asaya mo na naman ako. naalala mo yung jc devera na namaga sa tubig? haha

pero salamat ng madami=]

ced said...

@popoy - kumpareng poy salamat ng marami. may utang pa ko sa inyo ni fb. hehehe.

mabuti kang kaibigan!=]

@kuya lawstude - ahehe. tama ka kuya. pero i felt guilty na rin na ikwento sa blog. i think i did the same thing.

> Vanny < said...

sabi ko naman kc gumimik na tayo eh!

good marks? weeh. wimpys naman jan! :p

ingat lagi ced.. =)

my-so-called-Quest said...

ililibre mo ba ko ms. soon to be president ng company nyo dahil sobrang kinakarir mo na work? hahah. haba nun ah!

yoshke said...

the beauty of/in life is, you don't know what's gonna happen next. Back in college, I abhorred this one girl but after graduation, that bitch became my bestfriend. :)

Anonymous said...

karma lang yan... buti nga