Monday, November 24, 2008

And the Winner Is...

I guess it’s now safe to say who won the Amazing Race Asia. I was browsing a local newspaper when I saw a pic of Tish and Geoff bagging the 2nd place of the concluded race. I really wanted them to win but I guess some of their tactics were bleak for me. But then again it’s a contest so we can’t blame them. Amazing race is one of the only two shows and one of the few tv shows I watch. All of you know by now that I don’t have television here in my dorm room so every weekend especially Friday night and Saturdays are TV days for me. I don’t usually go out on weekends or I’m rarely invited to go out since I’m notorious to saying no.

Ida and Tania in 3rd

Geoff and Tish in 2nd

Vince and Sam as Winners!

Back to amazing race, congratulations to the Hongkong boys, Sam and Vince, they really deserved it. They played well and when they were still 6 or 7 teams in the competition, the time I saw a commercial of the two of them for Sony, (and I didn’t even saw a commercial of other contestants) I got the feeling they will win. And they did. I also like the Malaysian actresses/heiress, Ida and Tania.

Funny thing for Tish and Geoff, the only reason they were delayed was because of their taxi driver that didn’t knew the direction where the next clue was. Aside from that exhilarating feeling when you watch amazing race, the other best part of that show is you feel like you travel with the contestants and go and visit the places they went. Maybe it’s because I never even got out of Cavite and QC and the race I only know is to get the cart in MRT where I can seat every weekends.
Another reality show that I watched and just recently concluded was America’s next top model. Yep, I’m not ashamed to say I watch that. Come on, some girls are hot and have a biotch attitude, some are hot and dumb, some are hot and well educated and well mannered but got eliminated or robbed (hello katarzyna!) I started watching since cycle 5 and my first bet Nicole Linkletter won.

Katarzyna Dolińska

But I’m happy one of my bets for this season, cycle 11, won. Yey for Mckey! Though I thought Sheena the half Japanese half Korean from Harlem NY was my first bet would win and I was definitely Sheenafied by her. Hehe. But Mckey really improved from a boxer to high fashion model and she wanted to go to med or law school! Yay! See another proof that beauty and brains exist. I only thought being gorgeous and having brains exist every time I look in the mirror. Nyeeheheh! Just kidding!

Brittany "McKey" Sullivan

One of the yahoo writers wanted Tyra out of the competition, what do you think of that? And every season, like some American idol winners, most of them doesn’t have a good career after the show, do you think it’s cursed? Hehe

X’s – I was laughing when my eldest brother SMSed me. He told me he’s planning to buy a new conventional oven for our Nanay. He said, if the 3 of us, me and my other brother, could share. I was laughing and texted him, “kuya, baking pan lang mabibili ko” hehehe. It’s my nanay’s bday this coming 25th, tomorrow. I don’t know what our plan yet this year. But if you want to read my old post about her, I suggest you better get something where you can wipe your tears! ahehe


siangelnawalangpakpak said...

i do watch amazing race as well and i'm glad that the two boys won. it's not that i'm anti-pinoy but for some reason, i just didn't like geoff and tish right from the start.

it's one of my dreams to join the amazing race. none of my siblings are willing to be my partners though. tsk, tsk, tsk...

Curbside Puppet said...

nakaka-awa nga si geoff and tish eh. ayaw nang mga tao sa kanila.

pero i did a post dati about my four favorite teams, at lahat ng nasa top 3, kasama!

gillboard said...

Honestly, I don't think they deserved to win... the HK boys. If I remember correctly, prior to coming in to the Top 3, they quit one of the tasks. Yeah, they were nice and all, but still they quit. That's saying something to me.

Go Team Philippines pa rin... hehehe

ced said...

@siangel - me too i'm glad they did! yey! pwede mo rin naman yayain parents mo? hehe

@curbside - ahhaha, meanie kasi sila. gumawa lang siguro sila ng mga tactics na hindi gusto ng iba!

@gb - yeah i remember that. un ba ung si sam? ung nasa tali? haha. nakalimutan ko tawag. yeah they did quit. but he tried. ahehe. compared to other contestants, ang liit ng extremitites ni sam para sa task na yun. so oks lang na ginawa nya. onti na lng namna. at may penalty naman un. ahehe

Rio said...

bihira ko lang mapanood itong amazing race pero gusto ko yung team nung dalawang HK guy ha pero sympre pinoy pa din ako kaya go tish and geoff kahit 2nd lang sila..happy birthday kay nanay..

Lawstude said...

napanood ko lahat ng episode ng tara 3. pinaparecord ko pa yan sa kapatid ko pag may lakad ako eh. kakatuwa kasi panoorin yung iba't ibang lugar. para talagang naglilibot ka na rin.

malas lang talaga sila tish sa taxi sana sila nanalo. baka next time mag-first na pinoy team.

my-so-called-Quest said...

@docrio - go hk boys! ahhehehe. syempre sa pinoy pa din pero oks ung top 3=p

@kuyalawstude - wow, buti may tivo! aheheh, astig dba kuya, ikaw madami ka ng napuntahan e.=]