Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ced Out of the City Part Deux


After dinner, Ealo, Shey and I toured around the CWC area, and took some pictures. Around 10pm we returned to our cabin, decided to have an early rest so that tomorrow morning we can give a good grip on that rotating cables which will pull us while wakeboarding…

We woke up very late the following morning, maybe because of we’re so tired of the Friday night’s travel and we weren’t even used to travel in a bus for that long, we slept for like 10 hours and woke up at 8am. We had our morning rituals then at 9 am we went to the wakeboarding area.

I decided not to try the wakeboard… yeah, I chickened out and if ever I will try that maybe not with Shey’s schoolmates. And lastly, I don’t like waiting in line for my turn. hehehe
But Ealo and Shey did.

I took some videos of them trying the kneeboard first cause that’s a requirement. Then when you’re used to, you can try the wakeboard.

I did try the swimming pool near the wakeboarding area. I also wanted to get a tan! Hehe

Since I talked a lot in the first part of this post, I’ll let these pictures speak to you. hehe!

yellow for wakeboarders, green for swimmers? lol

tour around!

you can watch wakeboarders from here!

front lawn of the resto inside CWC. mahal ng foood!!!

Front area, sa left side yung front desk.

Ealo and Shey! hihi

Since we didn’t took any breakfast we dined a lot for lunch, and we’re given few hours to relax.

At around 3pm we checked out, we were the first one to occupy the bus but we still have to keep our previous seats. I was again awayt from Ealo and Shey. But the good thing is my seatmate Doni and I talked. Hehe. He thought I was a snob (just like everyone’s first impression!). I said the same to him. hehehe

Based from the itinerary, we should leave Naga at around 8pm, the professor decided we should take a little tour around the town; we visited the Parish Church where the Our Lady of Penafrancia can be found.

We then spent the rest of the time in the town proper to shop for “pasalubongs” and took our dinner.

We thought we were the last ones to return at the bus.

After 10 road constructions and 8 police stopovers, I arrived at 6am safely at Monday morning here in my dorm! Yey!

BTW, I had a 12nn exam the same day…I brought a reviewer with me (see how KJ [krisjasper] I am?) I aced the exam though. Hehehe. Juk lang kuya Kris! hehehe

O ayus ba?
X's - di ako naglagay ng pics na naduon ako, baka masuka kayo e! hehehe


Ely said...

may pic nga, na-sensor pa. hehe. ok ba mag-wakeboard?

gillboard said...

mukhang sarap ng bakasyon ah.. kakainggit!!!

RJ said...

Sabi nga, "There's no such thing as a perfect vacation." Tulad mo may dala ka pa ring notes habang naglalakbay. U

Ang pinaka OK, naka-ace ka sa exam. Congrats, Doc Ced! Matalino ka talaga, kahit pagod sa pamamasyal, kayang-kaya ang exam. Wow!


That's cool!

If you have an "ace" for your test...

I had a "joker"


yeye said...

GC ka kasi. GC. hahaha


ASA kayo na ilalagay ni ced mga piktyurs nia dito.

Anonymous said...

dok ced, asan na yung pasalubong namin??
saya naman..ang aga mong nagbakasyon...


Anonymous said...

hehehe bkit kelangang sensored? hehe

MakMak said...

Wuy! Fikturs. Hihi.
Yan ba pinakita mo nung isang araw kaso wala nung black cartolina thingie sa mukha? Hehehe.

ced said...

@ely - hahaa. syempre to protect the privacy! hehehe

@GB- yeah masarap! nakakarefresh ng utak! hihi

ced said...

@kuya RJ - ahehe, tama ka kuya, pero di po ko matalino. OC lang! hehehe

@kuya KJ - ahahaha, musta na nga pla exams mo?

ced said...

@yeye - OC hindi GC! hahaha

@doc rio - meron pa kong di nalalabhang underwear. hihi. juk lang!

ced said...

@yhen - kasi malaswa mukha nila. hehehe. juk lang. hehehe. sabi ko nga kay ely... to protect their privacy, ahehe

@kuya mak - ikaw lang nakakaita ng walang cartolina sa mukha. hahaha